10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY message from DAVID BOOTH | Musician | Producer | The Recording Booth

Some warm words for a little gig with a big reputation…
I’m not directly involved in this now, and these guys really don’t need my help to promote the gigs because they all sell out! But…
I just want to say I’m very proud to have been a part of creating what became Live at Little Rabbit Barn.
In the very early days, Jonathan was a fan of my band and had us play at his house. Then the idea grew to the carport, which also grew, as did the size of the marquee that was attached to the carport, the capacity of the gig, the catering requirements and the complexity of the sound system.
They have been relentless in their quest for improvement in both the experience of the performers, and that of the ever-growing audience. A rare occurrence in this industry, but one that explains the longevity and growing popularity of this gig.
As well as playing there a number of times, I did the sound for the first few years, experienced some memorable gigs, even mixed a couple of live albums that we recorded there. Then I got too busy with my studio and my own gigging and had to reluctantly hand over the sound duties.
I have a huge amount of respect for the whole team there that continue to create a series of the highest quality small gigs every year. So, a big CHEERS! to Live At Little Rabbit Barn!

Jonathan replies: Thanks so much David for your message. Your band shows with ALONE ME and THE FLOE were truly memorable and an inspiration. Such fond memories of Sarah, Liz, Simon and yourself playing those early shows, even before LRB was named.  Your involvement certainly laid a solid foundation from which Little Rabbit Barn has continued to evolve.

We look forward to welcome you back with Kelly Bayfield later in the year.

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