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JENNY COLQUITT | RACHEL CROFT | Saturday 04 March 2023

2023 and the stars aligned for this gig with Rachel Croft, her first appearance at LRB, and the welcome return of Jenny Colquitt, this time with a full band who overcame many challenges to make the show.  Rachel Croft opened

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HANNAH WHITE | PAUL McCLURE | Saturday 29 October 2022

The last LRB gig of 2022, and as always, it was very special indeed… We started the evening with Paul McClure, harmonica on his lips and guitar in hand, telling his tales and singing his songs with charm, humour, pathos

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MIM GREY | KATE ELLIS | Saturday 01 October 2022

Originally from Louisiana and now London we have Kate Ellis with her partner Andy Hobsbawm playing songs from Kate’s new highly acclaimed Album SPIRALS opening with Track 1 Can’t Not, followed by Bluebirds and Rye,Track 2.  Another way Track 3 has Kate reflecting on how we

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TAMARA STEWART with special guest ELLES BAILEY | Saturday 03 September 2022

Tamara Stewart with special guest Elles Bailey

The planets truly lined up for our evening with Tamara Stuart. Tamara, already pleased to be at the Little Rabbit Barn, had no idea of the surprise that was in store for her as she ably performed her sound check

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CONNOR SELBY | JENNY COLQUITT | Saturday 06 August 2022

JENNY COLQUITT This was Jenny’s first appearance at LRB and it won’t be her last, such was the impression she made from the first notes of How Do You Feel to the last notes of Fields Of Gold.  The gentle introduction of this

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KARA GRAINGER | HANNAH ALDRIDGE | Live at Little Rabbit Barn | Saturday 02 July 2022

A double billing of world quality headline artists played out the mid summer music evening at Little Rabbit Barn. Hannah Aldridge with Gustav Sjodin played the first set. Playing with Gustav as a duo for a first time at LRB

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LYNNE HANSON | ANNIE KEATING | Live at Little Rabbit Barn | Saturday 16 April 2022

We knew the return of Lynne Hanson and Annie Keating to the LRB would be good, but as they say, the whole is so often greater than the sum of the parts, and this was true tonight. Unbelievably these two

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MORGANWAY | Live at Little Rabbit Barn | Saturday 12 March 2022

The aforementioned curry went down a storm in the shortened food break, Lyn and her team triumph once more. The stage is reset and now it’s time for Morganway, on their second visit to the LRB and as a precursor

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MIM GREY | Live at Little Rabbit Barn in the house | Saturday 22 January 2022

We had the A list in the house on Saturday when Mim Grey came to visit the Little Rabbit Barn, accompanied by her husband Steve Vintner and guitarist Nick Kendall. Thankful for the great food and after some introductions Mim opened with Purple

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  The weather did its best, but nothing was going to stop us put this show on, the last of the 2021 season, a season that finished almost before it began…  So, tonight we had an old friend David Booth

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