DAN RAZA | Live at Little Rabbit Barn | Saturday 12 March 2022

It was in October 2011 and then again in 2012 when Dan Raza first performed at the LRB causing somewhat of a stir amongst a few of the Ladies… and to their delight (and ours) in 2022 he finally made a very welcome return…

With his boyish charm and polite humility he held the LRB audience in the palm of his hands, a latter day Nick Drake perhaps… beautiful songs, thoughtful lyrics delivered with an organic honesty rarely seen and heard.

Three chords and the truth, this was not… Yes there was plenty of truth, but also a lot more chords and tunings, even using more than one capo on one song. (Dan admitted to having practised this during lockdown) This is a man who understands music, how to write it and most of all, how to deliver it whilst entrancing everyone in the room.

Water Reflects What it’s Shown opened the show followed by In My Own Time A songwritten in Florence as Dan was musing on what he needed to do with his life. His joy to be back at the LRB after all these years was apparent though.

Thoughts of Lyn’s curry and the fact his football team lost can distract you mid song, Dan tells us before musing on a long lost duffle coat he wore here the last time… Such meanderings leads us to the absolutely beautiful Behold the Night.

Next we enjoy a song from Dan’s first album On The Dark Side Of The Road a song Dan’s Grandma loved. She passed away recently and so, on reflection, he offered it to anyone in the room grieving a loss. A beautiful gesture.

Merit points were handed out to audience participants during the banter as Dan worries about his hearing before playing Steal Your Love and giving a great shout out to Morganway.

Dan tells us he is a quarter Indian and of how he asked his Gran, before she passed, about his family history and their struggles coming to & settling in the UK.  This knowledge influenced the song Rampur Rain building a bridge to the past.

You Save Me From A Heart Fall was followed by The Road I Ran written after a prompt in a songwriters group. ‘What is the best thing you can give a child’? Love, came the reply from the audience when Dan asked. Dan thought that was lovely as he had used ‘Time’ as the theme for the song… a song written with love, that’s for sure…

For the last song Dan, standing in a back drop of lovely blue lights, gives us There is Nothing Like a Woman To Change Your Mind where he invites the LRB choir to join in with the chorus, of course they duly did so, humming along like we never wanted it to end. Well it didn’t, a request from Sally, Richard and Lyn led to an impromptu excerpt from Cool Dark Night, Last played at LRB in 2012 with everyone clapping along. Ending on a high note, such is the magic and charisma of the incredible Dan Raza.


Firstly we have not forgotten MORGANWAY. This is wip and will follow soon.

Thanks to Morganway, and Dan Raza for launching LRB 2022 in style. So nice to welcome artists back to Little Rabbit Barn.

Thanks to everyone involved with the production:   Simon Allen sound engineer; The fabulous little rabbit team of Chris on video cameras and setup, Stan on setup and artist merchandise, Stan and Fran on guest list, Brian running Little Rabbit Bar and big thanks to Chris for helping Lyn with food.

Review, Video & Picture credits: Chris
AV editing: J

To all wonderful LRB guests and friends who support live music at LRB,  big thanks and hope to see y’all next time

We will be back and ready to welcome a popular return for ANNIE KEATING AND LYNNE HANSON 16 April 2022

Best wishes, Keep Safe & See Y’all soon

The LRB team


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