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    Canadian singer/songwriter Tara MacLean has been an internationally renowned and award winning recording and touring artist for over 25 years. She released her first album with the Nettwerk Music Group in 1996 and Sony Music Publishing Canada. Since then has been signed with Capitol Records, and EMI Canada with her JUNO nominated band Shaye. She has written and recorded seven solo albums and two with Shaye.

    Tara has recently received the Senate of Canada Medal for her activist work in her community. She finished a run of three summer seasons with her hit theater show that she wrote, produced, and directed called, “Atlantic Blue-The Stories of Atlantic Canada’s Iconic Songwriters” in Charlottetown. The summer of 2019 saw Atlantic Blue produced and directed by the world famous Charlottetown Festival playing three nights a week to sold out crowds.

    Tara received the SOCAN Songwriter of the Year award as well as Solo Recording of the Year for her latest album, Deeper at the PEI Music Awards. Deeper was nominated for Pop Album of the Year at ECMA 2020. Her duet with Catherine MacLellan, "This Storm", received the award for Song of the Year. She performed “Songs from Atlantic Blue” in Concert with the PEI Symphony Orchestra. Last year, Tara received the Stompin' Tom award by the East Coast Music Association, marking an outstanding contribution to music in the region.

    Tara MacLean is an environmental and social justice activist, a zen student, a poet, author and a playwright. She resides in her home province of Prince Edward Island, and also lives on Salt Spring Island, BC. She considers herself bi-coastal. Her greatest joy is being a mother to her three beautiful girls.

    Her first book, Song of the Sparrow, hit the Best Seller List the week it was released and Tara quickly followed up with “Sparrow” - the soundtrack for the book.


    Catherine MacLellan has been captivating audiences around the world with her music for over two decades. Born and raised in the idyllic province of Prince Edward Island, Catherine's songs reflect her deep connection to the land and the people that call it home. Her passion for songwriting runs in the family; her father, Gene MacLellan, wrote beloved hits like "Snowbird" and "Put Your Hand in the Hand."

    While Catherine's music is rooted in folk and roots, her sound has evolved to embrace a wider range of influences over the course of her 7 albums. From heart-wrenching ballads to uplifting anthems, her music has a universal appeal that speaks to the struggles, triumphs, and joys of life.

    In addition to her musical pursuits, Catherine has also dedicated herself to shining a light on her father's legacy, producing an award-winning documentary and stage show that explore his life and struggles with mental health.

    Through it all, Catherine remains committed to the craft of songwriting and the art of connection. Whether she's playing to a packed theatre or an intimate gathering, Catherine's warm presence and heartfelt music create an unforgettable experience for all who hear her.

    music create an unforgettable experience for all who hear her.



    Catherine MacLellan and Tara MacLean, both award winning singer/songwriters from Prince Edward Island, Canada, have come together in a stunning musical collaboration that speaks to this time in the history of the human struggle.

    Their musical history started together with their fathers (songwriters Gene MacLellan and Marty Reno) who worked and toured together. Their musical sisterhood can be felt in the track as though they were singing in the same room. THIS STORM, though, was a product of self-isolation, written and recorded from their separate homes.




    A traveling troupe of intrepid space folk explorers, Electric Blue Yonder (EBY) examines the mysteries of the universe and reports their findings through song. Described as “Real American Space Folk,” the band draws its inspiration from the psychedelic folk, surf, and cosmic country rock of the 60s and the Space Age prog/art rock explorations of David Bowie and Pink Floyd, all while shifting time to the early roots and parlour style guitar of the 20th century. The result is a genre-bending mix that captures a nostalgic familiarity while simultaneously transporting you into uncharted territory. 

    “…a meditative mashup of trippy folk-rock psychedelia, cut with a raw, Alabama flavor befitting their roots. Captivating harmony vocals and skilled, almost Nick Drake-like guitar fills complete the picture.” - Steve Morse, longtime Boston Globe staff music writer who now teaches Rock History at Berklee College of Music

    The band includes founders Beth and Johnny Veres, who provide vocals and guitar, and Russell Thomas Bush on bass, with an expanding cast of talented musicians based on production scale. Beth met Johnny while back home for a summer between college and grad school and began playing in a reincarnated version of HellaKopta of Love (HOL), a progressive rock instrumental band from his days at Auburn University. They started writing songs inspired by roots music and harmony-driven vocals that outgrew the youthful experimentalism of HOL and retired from public performance for several years to incubate their newfound passion. In December 2015, Beth and Johnny were married. By the spring of 2016, they began performing as Blue Yonder, working on orchestral arrangements for their songs. In early 2017, Johnny asked Russell Thomas Bush, a friend and former band mate of Beth from her Tuscaloosa days playing in the band Squirrelhouse, to join them. Shortly after, they recorded their first EP, Born of the Sky, in their historic home with the help of Technical Earth Recorder’s Robert Shimp. After Colorado and East coast runs touring the EP, Blue Yonder added “Electric” to their name for the filming of an episode of the Zimmern List at Saw’s Juke Joint in 2018, augmenting their sound with vital vibrations.

    “The emphasis is on the song,” adds Johnny.  “It’s a collective thing to create this music. We record with talented musicians in our community. We take traditional forms and use those as a springboard to explore new musical territory, to examine the condition of our times from a critical distance and how our lives interconnect.”

    EBY debuted Between Space and Time (B/TST) on February 29, 2020, just two weeks before the pandemic shutdowns. As an anthology, B/TST includes some of their earliest works interspersed with the ‘vital vibrations’ of what’s to come, thematically centered on the relationships between people as they bump and collide through the Large Hadron Collider of Life. Their songwriting shines through with earnest lyrics and a powerful delivery through their unique harmonies. Ranging from the weird country of “Brand New Day” and traces of gypsy jazz in “Actions” to the sonically dark musings on mortality in “Epitaph” and the grooving portrait of cosmic love on “Your Light”, the songs of Between Space and Time shine like the stars of a newly, emerging constellation. At the core of the album, the band hits their stride with laid-back rocker “Schtick Shift”, the spacious, Grateful Dead-esque “Bluster”, and the boot-stomping storm of “Thunder Train.”

    “We wanted to make timeless music that future generations will seek out,” said Beth about the band, describing their style as Space Folk. “We try to be genuine in our approach to songwriting and lyrics.”

    "EBY is a diamond-bright exploration of rock's past, present and hopeful future. As saviors of the genre go, they make a powerful argument that theirs is one of the few revolutions left worth signing up for…" - Blue Sullivan of Slant Magazine.



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