2020 and the 10th anniversary year for the LRB started in style despite the weather doing its best to thwart us in our efforts. The show must go on!

Isabella Coulstock opened tonight on her LRB debut.

With a dream catcher hanging from her black fender acoustic, she made an immediate impact bolstered by her approach, confidence and obvious joy at being here.

The first song was inspired by the TV program Nashville, Nice Ain’t A Good Colour opening the set in a lively way followed by Better Than That, a song about following your dreams, something Isabella is clearly doing, and a nice change of tempo too.

Isabella tells us she started writing songs at age 13 before playing an early song, Bluebird Café. First Love follows. Another slow gentle original song, Isabella fingerpicking the Fender this time.

Written for her GCSE’s and with the idea that every singer songwriter should have an outlaw song, we are treated to Six String Outlaw. We can’t argue with that premise, there are some great outlaw songs out there so she is following a fine tradition.

Worried about being clumsy and not falling over… Laughs, Isabella plays another slow song, Borderline, which leads to an audience participation time and we enjoy Isabella’s drinking song Honky Tonk Beer.

The LRB crowd never fail to join in with a bit of clapping when asked and tonight was no exception. She appreciated that for sure.

Now we have a cover of an original by Brandy Clark, as Isabella tells us how she accidentally sat with Brandy’s mum during a gig and got got to know her from then. One of the perks of following your dream perhaps. Hold My Hand, from Brandy’s 2013 album, 12 STORIES.

So quickly we come to the last song, ironically the first song Isabella ever wrote, at 13! Crazy Cowboy.

Thank you Isabella Coulstock for a fine opening set that was very much appreciated at LRB.

This is the point in the evening where we have time to chat and mingle as we enjoy Lyn’s wonderful Curry and Vegetarian Trifle offering.

Perfect considering the weather leading up to this gig. This also gives us time for the raffle draw and a chance to re-set the stage for the much anticipated and very welcome return of Honey Ryder.

As we wait for the show to start Sara tells us that it’s her mums birthday today and they had lunch at the Ritz. The journey from the Ritz to LRB was interesting and it’s explanation gained a well deserved round of applause.

Sara is a new edition to the band who Lindsay met through song-writing. They got on so well, the rest is history. So a quick Harmony sound check and the show begins…

Worlds away Track 3 from the 2012 MARLEY’S CHAINS album opens the show with the beautiful harmonies we have come to expect from Honey Ryder, and some lovely mandolin played by Jason Huxley.

Lindsay can’t escape putting on her northern accent on stage as she tells us how they wrote the song Beautiful Horizon whilst overlooking a rubbish dump… Laughs… Track 8 from MARLEY’S CHAINS. Another fine song played well.

We also get some new songs tonight and Suitcase By The Door is the first of these and a Honey Ryder classic even at first listen. A nice guitar break form Matt Bishop here before they had us all clapping along.

Lindsay thanks us all for coming despite the weather and is full of praise for the LRB giving them a chance to try out some new material.

If I Ain’t Got You is next. Track 6 from the 2014 album BORN IN A BOTTLE.

The old and new songs meld together perfectly, the Honey Ryder sound…

The band members, whilst all having children now, really relate to the lyrics and meaning of Mama Tried, the Merle Haggard Classic which they played next. A nice acoustic solo from Jason here too.

Track 2 from BORN IN A BOTTLE What If We’ve Only Got Tonight is next followed by an old song, Choices Track 3 from 2008’s RISING UP album. Copies of which were available tonight but there is a fourth album on the way you’ll be pleased to know.

Headed To The Fire is another new song for tonight that went down well with everyone.

Little Feet is a song Lindsay wrote for her children, and, surprise… it’s their favourite song of hers. Track 4 from BORN IN A BOTTLE.

These songs captivate you with Lindsay’s seemingly effortless vocals backed with fine harmonies and playing from the rest of the band. “We ended on a cheeky little chord there Jace” Lindsay says. “My boys, they have little feet now but the song may not be so appreciated by them when they are teenagers”. Laughs…

“This next song is about finding your mojo again” Lindsay tells us. Inner Marilyn.

She had ordered Marilyn Monroe wigs for Matt and Jason but they didn’t turn up on time, so we had some other elaborate wigs instead.

Big laughs as Sara and Lindsay decked the boys up in style with the help of Stan.

Matt looking very much like Brian May or is it Angie from Eastenders? Laughs…

The boys raising their inner Marilyn as they tried to play their instruments whilst we all clapped along was a sight to behold… Laughs… You only get this fun at the gigs and another reason not to miss out.

Damn It I’m In Love Again Track 5 from BORN IN A BOTTLE brought preceding back to normal, another Honey Ryder classic…

So, another new song, I Don’t Need You Anymore is next, this new album is going to be great for sure.

Drink With Me is an infectious up tempo number that had everyone clapping along. They even have a Drink With Me T Shirts to sell along with other great merch. Track 3 on BORN IN A BOTTLE.

The Orange Tree Track 6 from MARLEY’S CHAINS is about having a safe haven in the face of what they called Storm Terry tonight… Laughs… A beautiful gentle song though.

Another new song, I’d Rather Be With You is next with a shared lead vocal between Jason and Lindsay that worked very well indeed. Perhaps they should do more of this?

Time for Marley’s Chains as we approach the end of the evening, the time flies with music of this quality, it’s all over seemingly so quickly, but we still have more to enjoy including You Can’t Say That, some old school Honey Ryder. Track 1 from MARLEY’S CHAINS and more lovely Mandolin playing from Jason.

We couldn’t leave it there though, we had to have more and J put a request in for Chris, Landslide… The Fleetwood Mac classic Honey Ryder have made their own.

And so, to leave on a high we have one more song with audience participation suitably rehearsed. Lindsay and Sara wrote this together, The Power Of A Woman, and you can’t argue with that.

Wow, that was the sort of gig LRB are known for and we must thank Honey Ryder for putting together this great performance that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Editor: What a way to open LRB 2020. Thanks Honey Ryder and Isabella Coulstock.

Thanks to everyone involved with the production:   Felix Milton sound engineer; The fabulous little rabbit team of Chris on video cameras and setup, Stan on setup and artist merchandise, Fran and on guest list, Richard and Brian running Little Rabbit Bar, Sally and Chris raffle, Helen, Nigel and Karen.

Big shout to Christine for all the help with food on the evenings.

Review, Video & Picture credits: Chris

Photographs: Andy Sheard

Special Thanks: Andy and Colin from CRAFT NURSERIES and Paul Roberts and Gary Gilders for transport

To all wonderful LRB guests and friends who support live music at LRB,  big thanks and hope to see y’all on APRIL 11 2020 as we welcome THE GRAHAMS full band show + WHEN RIVERS MEET.

Guest places still available for 09 MAY with a big double headline show featuring LYNNE HANSON AND THE GOOD INTENTIONS + HANNAH ALDRIDGE w GUSTAV SJODIN

Guest list now open for DENNIS ELLSWORTH full band show on Saturday 27 June.

Do keep a check on LRB website for videos and updates on 2020.

Our very best wishes

Jonathan and Lyn, Terry and all at the LRB team

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