Long-admired as a stellar UK vocal and songwriting talent, London-born Mim Grey has a deeply soulful voice and evocative tone.  She sings the story of her life in the tradition of the classic songwriters.

MIM GREY and full band | Saturday 01 October 2022 “The most beautiful voice to come out of the UK in a long time”, one of many memorable accolades earned from industry & British show biz that includes Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Terry Wogan and Paul O’Grady. Returning by popular request, we are delighted Mim returns to LRB with her full band and maybe a new third album and more new songs. She will be accompanied by a five piece band, including muscians Steve Vinter who have played with 10CC, Cliff Richard, Take That, Shirley Bassey, Andre Bocelli and many more!

Her new #50Shades project is the vehicle by which she will write, record and perform her music, whether self-penned songs (both recent and in some cases revisiting previous material) or covers of artists and bands that have inspired or resonate with her.

“She’s my favourite singer” – Sir Tom Jones

“The most beautiful voice to come out of the UK in a very long time” – Michael Ball

“She’s rather good and rather gorgeous but don’t let that influence you” – Robert Elms, BBC Radio London. 

So, why isn’t Mim Grey a household name? 

Well, it’s complicated…

Over the years, Mim has plied her trade with and for some of the best in the business.  Sir Paul McCartney is a fan and repeat offender when it comes to booking her for personal engagements.

As an in-demand stage and studio session vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for numerous international household names, her talent has no doubt embellished much of the sound that has permeated your ears, even co-writing songs for the likes of Kylie Minogue. 

Operating in the higher echelons of the music industry, it’s common for the most vocally gifted to be drafted into other artists’ and bands’ projects, leaving little time and energy to concentrate on one’s own career…  Earning a living and paying the bills being the priority!

Her first two albums, Grey Matters and Chasing Tigers, were incredibly well received with mainstream radio support from the likes of Paul O’Grady, Sarah Kennedy, Robert Elms and the late Sir Terry Wogan and her forthcoming new material is sure to garner equally lofty support and acclaim.

In addition to her albums Mim has enjoyed success with her single releases, most notably ‘Just As You Are’, ‘Ways Of Love’ and the BBC Radio 2 play-listed ‘Xmas Kiss‘ which also featured in the film ‘Foster’, starring Richard E Grant and Toni Collette. All three singles achieved No.1 positions in the UK and Top 5 status in various US (Nashville) & Global Charts and 

But all that is only part of the story…

Mim’s roller-coaster life is scarred by a concoction of personal tragedy and trauma laced with professional misfortune resulting in her often pursuing the wrong remedies for her pain and treading a path back to the comfort of obscurity during her self-confessed wilderness years.

Despite these challenges, Mim’s enduring charismatic persona and overriding vocal and songwriting talent have continued to quench the thirst of a close knit music-loving community whose burgeoning war-cries of support are poised to launch her high into the next phase of her musical journey.

Now a little older and wiser, Mim will be using the strong connection with her audience to serve up a steady dose of her new material alongside the more established songs for which she is renowned.

To be continued…

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