MORGANWAY | Live at Little Rabbit Barn | Saturday 12 March 2022

The aforementioned curry went down a storm in the shortened food break, Lyn and her team triumph once more. The stage is reset and now it’s time for Morganway, on their second visit to the LRB and as a precursor to their appearance at the C2C festival in the O2, opened with a bang, maintaining the momentum throughout their set.

We Were Going Nowhere, Coming Home, the new single Come Over, then  My Love, set the pace for the evening, underscoring why Morganway are the BCMA band of the year this year. They seem to have mastered the art of songs that just build & build but leaving space for SJ’s voice to shine through.

Here is a video of Come Over, filmed on the evening.

The juxtaposition of Fiddle (Nicole) and lead guitar (Kieran) backed by driving rhythms (Edward Drums, Callum Bass) and strong vocal harmonies really works for the band. Add to this their mastery of light and shade and you have a winning formula.

A strong piano (Mathew) and fiddle intro leads us into Wait for me a new song with the unmistakable Morganway sound that goes down so well at LRB.

A short break to catch their breath allows the band to express their joy to be out playing again as they gave Dan Raza a great shout out, also exposing the mystery of the ET cushion… (You had to be there)…

Frozen in our Time will go down as a Morganway classic from their 2019 self titled album, and it was a treat to hear it played live once more.

Now it’s time for the Twins Kieran and Callum to swap ends & instruments as they perform another new song called Halfway Tonight, inspired by a chance remark on where to meet up for the writing sessions… Callum takes the lead vocal here also with more great fiddle from Nicole, and a nice organ solo from Mathew.

The boys swap back with more stage banter, this time about who lost whose capo, before Devil’s Canyon continues this up tempo performance.

Now SJ is back with her guitar as she invites us to sing along to World Stopped Running, another great new song…

Let Me Go, from the Morganway album brings the show towards a close, as we get to enjoy some great lead guitar breaks from Kieran and more fine Fiddle from Nicole as the climax of the evening approaches…

SJ is owning the stage, tambourine in hand dancing with joy in what little space she has as the twins swap sides and duties once again for London Life, another Morganway classic, a guaranteed foot stomper for sure…

So after a few acknowledgements from J, we have the obligatory encore to a show that leaves one breathless… Hurricane, the energy of the whole band never stops for a moment, a musical hurricane to treasure from a great UK band… Thank you Morganway, that was epic…


Thanks to MORGANWAY, and Dan Raza for launching LRB 2022 in style. So nice to welcome artists back to Little Rabbit Barn.

Thanks to everyone involved with the production:   Simon Allen sound engineer; The fabulous little rabbit team of Chris on video cameras and setup, Stan on setup and artist merchandise, Stan and Fran on guest list, Brian running Little Rabbit Bar and big thanks to Chris for helping Lyn with food.

Review, Video & Picture credits: Chris
AV editing: J

To all wonderful LRB guests and friends who support live music at LRB,  big thanks and hope to see y’all next time

We will be back and ready to welcome a popular return for ANNIE KEATING AND LYNNE HANSON 16 April 2022

Best wishes, Keep Safe & See Y’all soon

The LRB team

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