ROBERT VINCENT | KATIE SPENCER | End of Year Show | Saturday 07 October 2023

Well, that was something special, Katie Spencer opened the evening to fine applause before Robbie Vincent along with Dan Williams closed the 2023 season at LRB in style… Andy Sheard has taken some fine pictures of the occasion… Again we would like to thank you all for your support and look forward to welcoming you again in 2024

To kick things off Katie Spencer played her first visit to the Little Rabbit Barn opening with some haunting sounds emanating from her 1952 Gibson Arch-top guitar as she sang two of her own compositions from her debut Album THE EDGE OF THE LAND  Silence on the Hillside and Sweet Gentle. 

At this point Katie introduces herself, she hails from Yorkshire and the next song, unrecorded as yet, tells the story of her moving across from East to Wast Yorkshire, an act that is often boo’d up north… laughs… Home 

Now, with a change of guitar (Taylor) Katie plays a song commissioned by The Freedom Festival and inspired by this countries ever changing landscape, with its ability to shape the people who live here, also the title song for Katie’s album The Edge Of The Land. 

Sticking to the theme, we enjoy another commissioning, an instrumental piece this time. Created for the Yorkshire Film Archive regarding the shipyards and the launching of the Sterling AshA ship so large it had to be launched sideways. 

The fact that Katie’s Grandfather could well have been working there was also inspiring for Katie.

This led nicely into track one from the album, Take Your Time. 

Next we enjoy a song Katie wrote for her Grandmother, Shannon Road after she told us some stories from the road… Beccles Cakes anyone? Laughs… You have to come to the gigs to get the jokes… 

Now we get a new song written on Katie’s Gibson Arch-top that she bought in Denmark Street after falling in love with it at first sight. 

The shop was closed so she stayed overnight in order to buy it. But on her return, the guitar was not in the window anymore, they had decided not to sell it… She didn’t steal it, but how we got to enjoy it at the LRB remains a mystery. It Was Then That I knew Love is the first song it spawned (unrecorded at the time of playing) 

Katie finishes her set with a John Martyn song, Small Hours from his 1977 ONE WORLD album with a fine MIDI accompaniment, showing another side to already fine talents of writing, singing and guitar playing. Thank you Katie Spencer. 

Robert Vincent, took to the stage with Danny ‘Wildfire’ Williams on Double Bass opening tonight’s show by performing two new songs Barriers and Beast Inside to set the tone… “They were our Happy songs” Robert tells us, to some laughter, as he introduces himself telling us of his background in Liverpool, enjoying and being influenced by the music that came via the boats in those days, before launching into a gentle country song Burn Like Cotton In The Fields from his 2013 Album LIFE IN EASY STEPSWe all loved that one, the sad songs were going down well tonight. 

So, another new song, this time Robert dons a Harmonica to add to the mix… The Keeper Of My Heart written with Ben Glover who has released it on his 2018 Album SHOREBOUND. 

We are being treated to some lovely new music tonight which is a great reason to always come to the gigs, it’s a truly unique experience. 

Dan tells us Robert is being brave tonight playing so much new material that is destined be on his upcoming album due in 2024, so next we hear a song titled Burden. 

After some onstage antics Robert and Dan launch into Follow What You Love and Life Will Follow. That’s a good code to live by he assures us… Then we enjoy a breakup song Blue from the 2013 Album LIFE IN EASY STEPS.

At this stage Robert calls for requests from anyone who knows his music, and Conundrum was requested. Luckily enough, he was going to play it next anyway… laughs… A song about what we are doing to the planet from his 2020 Album IN THIS TOWN YOU’RE OWNED.  

Robert and Dan are clearly enjoying themselves on stage along with a glass of red as they compliment J and Lyn for the LRB set up. They appreciate being looked after better than when they supported The Pretenders at The Royal Albert Hall. But that’s what we do at LRB and a main reason we attract so many great artists to come and perform. 

I didn’t Mean To Let You Down delivered another Pin Drop moment as the song came to a gentle close. ‘That’s why I don’t go the therapy’ Robert tells us, ‘I just do that’ … Who can blame him?

The Ending is a song written with James House from Nashville at a writers retreat near Glastonbury. James only had a title, but between them they created this beautiful song which is on The IN THIS TOWN YOU’RE OWNED album.

Now the LRB team get more plaudits, this time from Dan as he tells us how it’s not always this good on the roadbefore we enjoy This townthe title track from The YOU’RE OWNED album and we have some more fine harmonica playing from Robert. 

After the humorous ‘merch advert break’ we up the tempo with some audience participation in Ghost, and the LRB crowd are always happy to join in… 

Robert shares his appreciation for the LRB again and the listening audience, which can be a rare thing, before playing The Bomb from his 2012 EPHe was advised not to play this in Belfast on a recent visit, but a radio DJ asked him to play it, it’s his favourite… laughs… 

We are coming to the end of the night as Robert introduces a hopeful Song Demons from LIFE IN EASY STEPS with some lovely bowed bass by Dan to add to the atmosphere, as the audience were held spellbound in the palm of Robert’s hand after such a fine performance. 

We couldn’t leave it there, we had to have one more, a new single and video (featuring David Morrissey) The Insider is the song and it was a great way to close the 2023 season at LRB, Thank you Robert Vincent and Dan ‘Wildfire’ Williams. 


Stan the merch stand man, with one of many invaluable hats.

Alan The Hat, LRB friend and huge supporter of live music everywhere (not only LRB)




Thanks to ROBERT VINCENT and KATIE SPENCER for a brilliant evening …always good to welcome artists to Little Rabbit Barn for a first time.

Massive thanks to everyone involved with LRB over the year and the outstanding artists that have played in the barn.

Thanks to everyone involved with the production on the evening and during the year:  Simon Allen and Q, sound engineers;

The fabulous little rabbit crew of Chris on video cameras and setup, Stan on setup and artist merchandise, Stan and Dave on guest list, Brian running Little Rabbit Bar and Chris for helping Lyn with food

Huge thanks to Geoff Lee for all his effort and knowledge re programming our lighting system and setting up new lighting.

Review: Chris
Photography: Andy Sheard
Artist/guest hospitality: Lyn
AV editing & audio mix pending: J
Artists: Terry
Sound: Q

To all wonderful LRB guests and friends who support live music at LRB,  big thanks and hope to see y’all next time

We will be back and ready to welcome a return with HANNAH WHITE and BAND | CHRISTINA MARTIN | Saturday 09 March 2024

Best wishes, Keep Safe & See Y’all soon

The LRB team

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