SAM COE & THE LONG SHADOWS | LEXIE GREEN | Saturday 17th August 2019

Tonight we welcomed two first time artists to the LRB with Lexie Green accompanied by John Wright on Electric Guitar, and Sam Coe & The Long Shadows.
Even at the sound check we knew this would be another special night.
Felix, our sound engineer knows his job well and is able to get the very best audio experience, allowing artists to play at their best, and the audience to enjoy a full sound.
LRB’s knowledgeable and attentive audience not to mention the renowned LRB hospitality, organised by Lyn, is the icing on the cake that seals the deal and is another major reason so many great artists wish to play for us at LRB. The LRB’s Secret Sauce perhaps?
Lexie and John took to the stage with a rousing introduction from J that drew oooo’s and Ahhh’s in all the right places from the assembled audience ready for some great live music.
What Would Elvis Do? Track three from GOOD MORNING AMERICA opened the set, I think he would do exactly this.
Now some Blues with Blue Jeans Blues a catchy little number that leads to Miss Molly’s Wrecking Ball Track three from LIVE AT BOBS RECORDS…
Through all these songs John shows us just what a Strat can sound like in the Wright hands. (Pun intended) This is so much fun already as we go straight to Leaving Vegas…
Country and Western slows the pace, a song written about seeing Johnny Cash play live and the opening song on MADE IN AMERICA Lexie’s 2017 release.
Filmed and recorded on the evening
 Lexie takes time to thank the LRB for finally allowing her to play here after years of heckling… (we didn’t know what we had been missing) before launching full throttle into Gasoline It which can be heard opening LIVE AT BOBS RECORDS. We get more blistering guitar solos from John who looks and sounds at home on the LRB stage as does Lexie also.
“I think we have found our level now” Lexie says as the applause dies away and she pre warns us of some audience participation a little later. “Have you had enough to drink yet”?… Laughs…
You and I is next featuring her G7 capo that she promoted for gifts to any players you might know… Track six on the INDEGO BLUE EP. John puts in some nice harmonies too, that was lovely.
Now we have a new single Where I’ll Be… Lexie tells us “It was recorded on the Monday, uploaded to the BBC on Tuesday, played on air on Wednesday and they filmed a video on the Thursday”… Wow, that is such a great song and I am amazed that such a big sound can be created by just two musicians… You have to be special to achieve this and Lexie and John are giving it their all… Lexie with her dusky vocals and John with a guitar tone to die for… The applause says it all.
“Time to join in”, as Lexie checks we have had enough to drink and talks us through our role.
A big shout out to Felix on sound but J resists the urge to sing on the raffle mic.
I’m Coming Home has the perfect call and answer chorus to get the LRB crowd singing. You come to the LRB, you are in the band…
It Don’t Bother Me is next, another up tempo foot tapper allowing John to slip in another great guitar break and only ten minutes to go.
Now, Mistaken, Track nine off the TWENTY TEN album from 2010, and by the time this is published you should have seen the video we shot of this song. It is just sensational and gave me goosebumps on the night as well as with each subsequent listen. Lexie and John at the very top of their game…
I’m Gonna Dance another really catchy number, track one off INDEGO BLUE leads us to the last number of a set over all too quickly, One Night.Track Eleven off MADE IN AMERICA and a country waltz tune to bring us all down and close the set.
Well that is one night and one performance I shall remember for a long time. Thank you Lexie Green and John Wright… marvelous!
Time again for the food and raffle as we reset the somewhat crowded stage to accommodate Sam Coe & The Long Shadows which was no small feat, but where there is a will there is a way and there was certainly a will to enjoy this great band, so we found away.
Sam had little room to dance about but having recently damaged her knee, that was perhaps a good thing… saving her from herself, no heels either… and the show must go on.
After a great introduction they open with Moving on and the band are tight from the off…
Sam tells us all about the Green Room and it was a clear the whole band appreciated it and the food.
Telling Lies is next, another song from their EP SANTA FE and we get to enjoy some lovely Pedal Steel Guitar here from Steve.
Sam fills everyone in with the recent acoustic treatments that have been made at LRB and thinks we should feature on George Clarke’s amazing spaces as this isn’t just any old carport… “It’s a Venue”
Tennessee Blue is next with more Lap Steel solos to enjoy, Track seven off FULL MOON. Amanda who co wrote that song was in the audience tonight although too shy to take a bow…
A favourite song of Sam’s dad, Rocking chair Regrets is a song about no longer worrying what people think “I have no rocking chair regrets”… Steve Clarke plays some lovely Dobro here. Track eleven on FULL MOON.
Sam now introduces the band as they all take a bow before introducing another misery song… Laughs… End In Tears track five from the album.
Steve Clarke on Pedal Steel and Dobro, Wayne Moore on Drums, James on Electric Guitar, Phil on Bass Guitar and Kevin Duncan, their producer from Ginger Dog Studios on Organ. (He only comes to play the good gigs)
Santa Fe is a song Sam wrote when she was in the states on a four hour drive to Santa Fe… There is no better reason to write a song out there and it’s a good one too.
Sam tells us Jealousy is one of the bands earliest songs as she re introduces the newest members Phill and James, they have only been in for six months but have settled in well… “It’s like having The Chuckle Brothers next to me” Laughs…
Now we get to enjoy the story of Eric (an old french boyfriend) and Kelly (A Suffolk Girl) but you had to be there…
Salvation Track eight form the album, James puts in a fine guitar solo… “That was for Eric”… Sam says.
Phil gets to fill in with stories from the road as Sam changes Guitar and so we have. “Planet Of The Crepes” Laughs… (Again, you need to be there)
Make Believe next, a newer song not on the album featuring another great lead guitar break from James. Phil has more filling to do but he rose to the challenge as he tells us of Sam falling down stair…or was she pushed? Laughs…
Now it’s time for a cover written by Margo Price Hurting On The Bottle a great uptempo sing along… Track nine from her MIDWEST FARMER’S DAUGHTER album from 2016. They certainly did this justice and enjoyed playing it too.
Sam was inspired by the LRB wall of fame and says how proud she is to play on the same stage as some of her hero’s. She also made a shout out to appreciate Lexie Green.
She tells us Whiskey Dreaming is the first video the band have done, in a distillery too, and is track two on the album FULL MOON, so we get to hear it now.
The most Ye Haw song on the record is Motel Cherokee and we are invited by Sam to join in as the song progresses. Track six.
Sam never wanted to write a country cliche song but having googled it Rhinestones came up. Sam will apparently add rhinestones to your band T Shirt for an extra £10.00, She will even re rhinestone them for free if needed… laughs…
Track three on FULL MOON. Another catchy number.
Cover time again as we get to enjoy Folsom Prison Blues the classic intro performed by Phil on the bass and some lovely Dobro playing from Steve also a wild electric guitar break from James with Wayne’s drums powering it along. Great fun..
Hey Heartbreaker Track four on FULL MOON follows keeping up the pace… Phil plays a nice little bass solo here in the mid section.
Now Wayne’s rhythmic drumming leads us into an uptempo version of Jolene… He must have been hot up there but never let it show.
Sam confesses she nearly forgot the words as she started singing. This was released as an iTunes single by the band and Ain’t Gonna Love You Again was the B side. It made number two as well… That’s a nice original song not on the album.
Sam gives thanks to J for his ‘Venue’ and Lyn for her hospitality also Felix for the sound… you can see she enjoyed it here as we close with Full Moon The title track to the album.
That got a standing ovation and the LRB audience wanted more after J had finished with all his thank yous. 
Comeback Queen is the chosen song and a fine way to leave the stage the way they started, rocking the barn as we all clapped along…
Thank you for a great show Sam Coe and all you Long Shadows… we managed to squeeze all six of you onto the stage nicely…
Thanks to everyone involved with the production.  The fabulous little rabbit team of Chris and Karen, Stan and Dave on guest list and artist merchandise, Richard and Brian running Little Rabbit Bar, Sally and Chris A raffle.
Big thanks to Stan for helping with set up on Friday.
Lyn : organising artist and guest hospitality and more with a shout to Chris A for all the help with food service on the evening
Terry: artist liaison & booking
Felix Milton: Sound engineering.
Picture credits: Chris multi task
Cameras, Blog and Facebook and setup/take down: Chris Kyan
Editing, video and audio mixing: Jonathan
To our guests,  big thanks for your continued support of live music and hope to see y’all on 21 September for a fabulous evening with MORGANWAY | SHELLY FAIRCHILD
Do keep a check on LRB website and FACEBOOK for updates and interesting snippets throughout the year (icon at top of homepage)
Our very best wishes
LRB Team
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