SARA PETITE Full Band | SARAH JANE SCOUTEN | Saturday 13 April 2024

Sarah Jane Scouten along with Robbie Caswell-Jones on guitar took to the LRB stage for the first time tonight. 

Originally from Canada and now living in Moniaive a village in south west Scotland; a four times nominated Canadian Folk Musician of the year Sarah Jane is touring her great new album, TURNED TO GOLD. 

Wanderlust, opens the the album and it opened the show tonight with Robbie performing supporting guitar fills and backing vocals to great effect. 

Sarah Jane was happy to find herself at the LRB and its welcoming environment as she tells us of her love For JOHN PRINE & his influence on her. After John’s sad passing Sarah Jane wrote Rose and Carnations in his style as a fitting tribute to a great song writer. This is track 8 on the TURNED TO GOLD.  album. 

After telling us the story of her multilingual wedding in Canada Sarah Jane performs Ballad Of A Southern Midwife, track 8 from her 2019 CONFESSIONS album. We enjoyed more nice guitar licks from Robbie here before Sarah introduces the man, a kindred spirit musically. 

After moving to Scotland it’s only natural that Sarah Jane had to write a song about Whiskey… laughs… Is It Just The Whisky Talking? Is Track 9 on TURNED TO GOLD.  This one finished with a tricky foot tapping guitar jig  expertly played by Robbie… 

Robbie is proud that his home team Wrexham were promoted today giving him a boost for tonight’s show.

Written with Samantha Parton of the Canadian Folk/ Bluegrass Group THE BE GOOD TANYASWilder When I Was With you, featured the opening line written by Samantha who passed it on to Sarah Jane for completion. The song became track 3 from TURNED TO GOLD. 

Sarah Jane tells us of the Calgary Folk Festival, singing with her sister and how these festivals are so much larger than those in the UK, before rehearsing the LRB audience to sing along with Acre Of Shells from her 2017 album   WHEN THE BLOOM FALLS FROM THE ROSE

Now we learned the story of Sarah Jane’s 73 year old guitar as she had to re tune before the performance, a performance with which the audience can be very proud of their part… I often say that you come to the LRB and you are in the band… Well, it’s true and all part of the LRB vibe we all (Artists and Audience alike) enjoy so much. 

At this point Robbie leaves the stage before Sarah Jane performs two songs solo as she breaks her own ‘Two Waltz’s in a row’ Rule… laughs… 

Two new songs Alright On My Own and Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry. The latter being a commission about women’s contribution to the First World War. “Women made the Soldiers and often died in the process” Sarah Jane tells us in the song… 

It’s now time for some County Music says Sarah Jane as Robbie is welcomed back on stage with  some friendly off stage banter.

Every Song I sing is track 3 From WHEN THE BLOOM FALLS FROM THE ROSE 

As Sarah Jane says her thank you’s to the audience and the LRB team, she promises two more quick songs… Loretta giving Robbie the opportunity to show his country guitar chops… Sarah Jane tells us that nobody hears the same song as we each bring our own perspective and meaning to it… before closing with another new song What’s Music For. 

Thank you Sarah Jane Scouten, and if anyone acquired a pack of the seeds Sarah Jane had on the merch table, please don’t neglect to plant them…



It’s been a few years since Sara Petite took to the LRB stage, 2011 and 2013 were the last times, but now with her UK band of Joe Coombs on Guitar, Jamie Dawson on Drums and Scott Warman playing the bass, we welcome Sara back. A Six times Americana award winner is always welcome at LRB, we know we will not be disappointed… 

If you are going to open a set at LRB, this is the way to do it. Rocking out God Save The Queen… No, not that version, this is the opening track on Sara’s new Album THE EMPRESS… A real statement of intent, this will be a good night… ‘

Bootleggers follows keeping the pace lively, Jamie’s drums really driving the pace… then Perfume which can be found on Sara’s 2015 Album LIVE AT THE BELLY UP

Joe changes guitar for his Gibson Arch top (The man plays a few guitars for our delight) as the pace slows a little with When the Circus comes to town

If That Was You And Me called for some audience participation with a lively Whoo… as Joe Coombs once again demonstrated what a fine guitar player he is, Scott brings his big double bass to the fore along with some fine harmony vocals… 

Rare Bird is a beautiful song to bring the pace down, track 4 from Sara’s 2021 album of the same name. It is another chance for Joe Coombs to own the stage with his guitar skills.

Lead The Parade closes Sara’s latest album THE EMPRESS… but it doesn’t close the show, we had plenty more to enjoy this night… These two songs were inspired by Sara’s family roots within the arts and music along with a very personal loss. 

The Empress is the albums title song, coming in at track 7, a song about the importance of feminine energy in the balance of life, and we get to enjoy it tonight as Sara fills the room with her energy in song. 

Bringing Down The Neighbourhood  track 5 from THE EMPRESS… is a real Honky Tonk sound, this band are having such a good time on stage, the joy is infectious as Sara tells the story of a good time, in song… 

Solo now, Sara changed the pace again performing three songs, Songbird Born To SingBeautiful Thing, and She Runs With The Wolves, holding the audience spellbound before inviting the band back on stage whilst introducing the boys as they lead into Drinking To Remember and Feeling Like An Angel, the latter being the opening track from Sara’s 2021 RARE BIRD album. 


Working On A Soul, the closing track on  RARE BIRD  is next as the the tempo increases once more before the last two songs…  Scars, and The Misfits Tracks 3 and 5 on   RARE BIRD  Joe Coombs playing some fine slide guitar as this fine band rock the LRB stage just the way we like it. A band of misfits they may be, but they sure as hell know how to rock… 

We couldn’t leave it there, false endings and all, we demanded more… Little House. “ Sometimes you can’t let your belly hang out, when you’re living in a little house” Sara Tells us, in a country rocker song before performing a great Tom Petty style song, It’s Good To Be Me… 

Another magic performance has been etched into the fabric of the barn with Sara Petite and what is fast becoming the LRB House Band of Joe Coombs, Jamie Dawson and Scott Warman… 

If you were in the room you know how good this show was, if not, enjoy the videos and be sure to bag a place on the guest list next time. 





Thanks to SARA PETITE with her wonderfully talented band featuring Scott Warman, Joe Combs and Jamie Dawson and SARAH JANE SCOUTEN w ROBBIE CASWELL-JONES | for a fabulous evening.

Thanks to everyone involved with the production:   Q, sound engineer and Geoff lighting tech; The fabulous little rabbit crew of Chris on video cameras and setup, Stan on setup and artist merchandise, Lyn on guest list, Brian running Little Rabbit Bar and big thanks to Chris and Rebecca for standing in for Lyn. Paul and Karen with takedown.

Thank you again to Geoff Lee for his expertise in setting up and programming all our lighting fixtures and the work he put in on the lead up to this show. The photos, video and audience experience are further improved.

Review: Chris
Video cams: Chris and Paul
Photography: Alan the Hat
Artist/guest hospitality: Lyn
Artist Merchandise: Stan
AV editing & audio mix: J ( we’ll slot in some vids soon)
Artists: Terry
Sound: Quentin aka Q

To all wonderful LRB guests and friends who support live music at LRB,  big thanks for filling LRB full like the good times and hope to see y’all next time. Big thanks to all the new guests and all your lovely comments.

We will be ready to welcome back an LRB favourite DANNI NICHOLLS with her band and SARAH PEACOCK currently based in Nashville, on Saturday 11 May 2024.

Another great evening….thank you everyone for filling this evening full.

Best wishes, Keep Safe & See Y’all soon

The LRB team

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