Amy Speace and Fred’s House 16th May 2015

Review and photography by Chris Kyan

The Little Rabbit must have been nibbling some ‘special carrots’ to come up with a night like this. How do they do it? Well they do it by supporting upcoming artists and treating all artists and guests in a way we would all love to be treated in a perfect world.

LRB Stage

The word has got around and it seems that the great musicians all want a taste of the LRB experience,  it’s a rite of passage to have your name on the wall. Tonight the upcoming artist was Lizzie Wilson a local singer song writer who had the opportunity to perform for the LRB crowd always hungry for great music. She sang three songs for us taking the chance to try out some very new material. That takes some courage, well done.

Fred's House

Then it was time for Fred’s House to storm the LRB stage. A great five piece band with their mix of Folk, Blues, Country and Classic rock, who really know how to put on an entertaining show of fine material. Vikky Gavin took the lead vocals with brothers Griff Jameson on Guitar and vocals and Gafyn Jameson on bass. Ali Bunclark played fine keyboards and Paul Richards is billed as ‘The Happiest Drummer on Earth’. You can believe me when I say, ‘he is’. These really are a headline act and we all would have loved an encore but time was against us. Lyn had put a lot of time and effort providing cottage pie for 80 plus people and we weren’t going to let it go cold on us.

Amy Speace smileAmy Speace

After the raffle was the time for Amy Speace to grace the stage. Jonathan has waited three years to get her to the LRB stage and she was well worth the wait. This lady can really play and sing! Brought over to the UK for the first time by none other than Ian Hunter of ‘Mott The Hoople’ Fame, Amy has toured widely wowing audiences wherever she plays. She is so engaging to listen to, telling her tales of life and love which give context and meaning to her great songs. You won’t find the ‘Benedict Cumberbunny’ lyrics on any of her albums though (he’s the house rabbit in case you were wondering), you just had to be there.

That was another classic performance over all too soon. Time after time we are treated to the some of the finest music you are ever going to hear anywhere performed in such a lovely warm and intimate environment. The artists love it, the audience love it. If you get the chance, contact the folks at LRB to get on the guest list, you will love it too.

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