Artists that have played Live@TheLittleRabbitBarn

It is always a pleasure and privilege to host the many amazing and talented artists who have played LRB.

Thanks to David Filce for compiling this list and the framed print

Abi Moore
Ady Johnson
Alan West
Alone Me
Amanda Pearcy
Amelia Curran
Amy Speace
Amy Wadge and Pete Riley
Amy Westney
Andrea Glass
Angel Snow
Angie Shaw
Anna Coogan
Anna Pancaldi
Anne McCue
Annie Keating
Annika Brown
Antonio Lulic
Balsamo Deighton
Barbara Nesbitt
Bella Gaffney
Berkley Hart Selis Twang
Beth White and the Colourtones
Bex Marshall
Black Feathers
Cara Luft
Catherine MacLellan
Chasing Summer
Cherry Lee Mewis
Chloe Chadwick
Clare Free Band
Dan Raza
Dani Wilde
Daniele Fiaschi
Danni Nicholls
David Booth and Andy Trill
Dayna Kurtz
Deborah Bonham
Dennis Ellsworth
Donna Fullman
Doug Panton
Edwina Hayes
Eileen Rose and the Holy Wreck
Ellie Jamison
Emily Baker
Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo
Emily Maguire
Eve Selis
Fern Teather
Fred’s House
Freya Roy
Grainne Duffy
Hannah Kessler
Hannah Scott
Holly Taymar
Jacob Deist
Jade Hopcroft
Janet Robin
Jay Stapeley
Jess and the Bandits
Jess Klein
Joanne Eden
Kaity Rae
Kal Lavelle
Kelley McRae
Kim Richey
Lauren Housley
Lisa Marie Glover
Lisa Redford
Lisa Richards
Little Miss Higgins
Lizzie Wilson
Lucy Hall
Lucy May
Lucy Sampson
Lynn Miles
Millers Daughter
Natalie Shay
Oliver Daldry
Philip Marino
Rafferty McKelvey
Rebecca Cant
Rebekah Pulley
Red Sky July
Redlands Palamino Company
Rhiannon Mair
Roisin O’Hagan
Sadie Jemmett
Samantha Horwill
Samuel Taylor
Sara Petite
Sasha McVeigh
Sean Taylor
Steph Stephenson
Stephanie Lambring
Steve J Curtis
Stevie Jones
Sugar Magnolia
Tallulah Rendall
Tammy Rochelle
Tanya Davis
The Floe
The Good Years
The Skylight Crowd
Three For A Girl
Trina Hamlin
Ward Thomas
Will Wilde
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