Dani Wilde w Will Wilde|Amelia Curran|Barbara Nesbitt|Saturday 07th November 2015

Thanks to Chris Kyan for review :

Tonight at The Little Rabbit Barn was a game of three parts, three headline acts kicked of by the fabulous Barbara Nesbitt who is a friend of LRB favourites Berkley Hart. (That’s good company to keep)

Barbara endeared herself to the packed house immediately by donning Alan’s Hat as she took to the stage. (Alan is a great friend and regular supporter at the LRB). She played a fine set loving every minute of it, “This is a House Party on Steroids” she exclaimed unable to resist a selfie with the audience in the background. Her last night of this UK tour went all too quickly for us and she is off to Spain in the morning. Don’t Miss Barbara if you get a chance to see her perform as she is just amazing.

Next, a change of tempo with Amelia Curran the Juno award winning artist from Newfoundland. Enjoying a glass of wine against her mothers advice Amelia took us on a journey of her feelings which included (a previously unheard of by me genre) Folk Rap’. ‘The Mistress’ is a great song from the ‘Hunter Hunter’ album and perhaps the only song in that genre. Give it a listen.

Amelia rounded off her gentle set with a Q & A section that would not normally incite any questions. But this being The Little Rabbit Barn, and to her surprise; she got questions, about Newfoundland dogs of all things. Good one Fran, that was fun….

The legend continues with regard to the food, and under the most testing of conditions Lyn and her team fed the 5,000 again with a fine offering. That is worth the ticket price alone.

The final performers tonight were the 2015 Blues vocalist of the year award winner Dani Wilde and her Brother, 2015 Blues Harmonica award winner Will Wilde.

They drove from Brighton (and back) to play for us with barely a rest in between.

As you can expect, we were treated to a masterclass of the genre with original material alongside covers of John Lee Hooker and Buddy Guy. 

You have to be at the very top of your game to pull that trick off, and these two are really at the top of their game.

Disaster almost beset us as Dani’s guitar malfunctioned mid song, but like a true pro she carried on. A short break to try and fix things failed but Amelia Curran saved the day Loaning Danni her guitar. Thank you so much Amelia.

The show must go on they say, and tonight it did. We were spellbound by Dani and Will and the wonderful Barbara Nesbitt and Amelia Curran on a night that will not be easily forgotten with more must see acts who have graced the LRB stage.

I am eagerly awaiting the last gig of the season on Saturday the 28th of November and can only advise you to get on the guest list as soon as possible, it will, as always, be a sellout.

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