Dennis Ellsworth | Saturday 21 January 2017

It is 2017 and the first LRB evening of the new year has come and gone. Everyone was thrilled to welcome back Dennis Ellsworth from Canada’s Prince Edward Island, with his latest Album ROMANTIC AS IT GETS.

This is the second time that Dennis has played a January LRB in-house gig and it was a real pleasure to catch up with Dennis again and listen to his wonderful music in such an intimate and friendly setting.



He beguiled us with his wonderful playing and sensitive songs not to mention the song intros while tuning. His songs are hauntingly beautiful; his melodies linger and his, at times shadowy lyrics, leave sufficient space for the light to shine through.

The sound of his Gibson acoustic guitar is extraordinary with a rich tone and a beautiful bottom end.

Editor: Think this refers to the lovely full bass.We understand this vintage Gibson is priceless and Dennis has turned down several five figure offers.

J was at the helm of the Mackie digital system tonight and it all sounded good

 Editor: Thanks Chris..only two channels + effects + monitor send + interval music + recording + lights.
No…just a great artist with a rather special vintage Gibson, using a Shure KSM9 microphone…no drastic eq or compression required.

In 2016 Dennis took a year out spending time managing a restaurant until he decided he didn’t want to do that anymore. The call of the music was too strong, but now he will make music on his own terms. 

So tonight we had songs inspired by the now sadly departed Winslow The Cat, songs from HAZY SUNSHINE | DUSK DREAMS albums old and new but they all sound as fresh as ever. One song was written just three days prior to the show. 

Dennis was telling me afterwards that he doesn’t practice as such, he writes a song and then plays it when he is comfortable he has it down, and it comes out how it comes out. The songs develop over time. 

The music on the albums can be quite different because it’s played with a band in the studio with all the facilities, so every night when you see a Dennis Ellsworth concert you’re likely to see a different show. “This keeps my music fresh and my mind Alert” he remarked. 

Another reason for us all to support live original music. If you don’t go you miss out on these treasures.

 One day we hope Dennis will play ‘The Barn’ maybe with a band but it would be too cold at this time of year.

Editor: We are working on it Chris….watch July 2018. 

It was much nicer to be sitting by the wood burner on a cold winter’s night. 

Dennis also told us the story of the rise and fall of his first band, ‘Haunted Hearts.’ 

This is a band that he is now looking to re-form so they can play locally purely for the pleasure of performing amongst talented friends. No expectations other than to enjoy the ride.

 Their first album  has been out of print for a while now. There was apparently only 750 copies made Dennis told me later. He is looking to perhaps do something in the future to make this material available again. I personally would love to hear it.

Donald Trump’s election is the reason I wear black says Dennis as his only comment on these recent events.

Editor: How refreshing not to hear anything to do politics.

Dennis; with his latest album is touring the UK and the Netherlands now. So, should you get the chance to see him play, my advice would be to take it. You will be rewarded by seeing a first rate singer songwriter at the top of his game.

Editor: Agreed Chris. Very fine and maybe one day viewed up there with some of the greats but obviously not yet the depth of back catalogue or longevity…however time may well change this…a nice thought.

DE poster

Special thanks must go to Jonathan and Lyn for staging this wonderful event. As always, the perfect hosts. 

Their hospitality is second to none as anyone in attendance will readily testify.

 Editor: Thanks Chris…All of us look forward to welcoming everyone back to the first ‘In Barn’ gig on March 4th featuring ** BEN GLOVER**FRANKIE DAVIES with all her GALS (promised to have you rockin and stomping)**EMMA BALLANTINE**  HUGE LINE UP FOR FIRST BARN SHOW!

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