From the Isle Of Wight,  Sorrel Nation opens the evening on her first visit to LRB accompanied by Sam Anderson on guitar and BVs, playing a new set of songs, mostly unreleased up to now…

Intro, Slow it down, Country Songs & Rock n Roll… Then, Love Me Like A Man, a great Bonnie Raitt/Chris Smither cover after Sorrel tells us she has quit her job to embrace music and touring full time.

You can catch them at festivals up and down the land. Sam plays some lively resonator guitar here to great applause.

Old Man is another brand new gentle song before Crazy For you lifts the tempo with some contemporary rock pop, all leading to a superb version of the Fairport Convention classic Who Knows Where The Time Goes. Sorrel tells us she was asked to perform this at the Cropedy Festival, so if it’s good enough for hard core Fairport Convention fans, it’s good for us…

This brings us to the final song, Sam back on his resonator guitar, Lost En Route. A song about old friends who became strangers… We can all relate to this… Thank you Sorrel Nation.

Now it’s time for a short set from Danni Nicholls, as she takes the crown for being the most hosted artist at LRB from the wonderful Eve Selis, whilst debuting some fine new, (again unrecorded) songs for us to enjoy. That’s such a privilege we don’t take lightly.

Danni tells us she is a huge Gemma Hayes fan and was delighted to be on the bill tonight as she opens with Texas from her 2019 album MELTED MORNING.

Danni tells us about her touring and residency in Nashville and her longing to return despite the challenges, the decision has been made… This phase of her life inspired The Wreckage a brand new song we were privileged to film and record for the first time…

Now, we have the first song that, Danni tells us, she had to get out of bed to write… It’s called Hide, and it’s beautiful with the LRB audience being gently goaded to join in. If you come to the LRB you are in the band… Those are two amazing new songs that only give a hint to how good the new album will be.

So Danni finishes on an old favourite from her first album that was released 10 years ago now, A Little Redemption, again the LRB audience are pleased to join in, it’s what we do… Thank you Danni Nicholls, the applause says it all.

So after another superb food break by Lyn and her team we welcome the 2nd fastest fillling evening at LRB, GEMMA HAYES, accompanied by Karen Cowley on keys, backing vocals and Adam Marcello on drums.

You Are Only A Reminder starts the set to great applause and we are about to be treated to more new songs since Gemma took a child break from music that was longer than expected.

High And Low is the first as Gemma aims to get the intense ones out of the way… laughs… Shock To My System is the second.

4:35 AM is the first single Gemma ever released in 2001, which was criticised for some Americanised lyrics by the Irish music press at the time, these lyrics just don’t work with the Irish vernacular so they stayed, but it’s a great song anyway as we found out.

Gemma gives thanks to Sorrel Nation and Danni Nicholls as she tunes for another old song, reminiscing on an early gig in London that she thought went badly as she was so nervous. Later, in a Pizzeria, contemplating giving up her career in music, Chris Martin from Coldplay taps her on the shoulder saying he was at the gig and loved the song Run For Miles as he goes running and he wished her luck in her career. Well that goes to show what a kind word can do for a person, that changed everything. It was great to hear it played again tonight… It’s on Gemma’s 2002 album NIGHT ON MY SIDE.

Gemma tells us her 1956 Gibson is a b***** to tune, but Lyn’s Sandwiches are the very best before playing Back Of My Hand also from NIGHT ON MY SIDE.

Tipperary has a lot of stud farms, Gemma tells us, and the people who come from there have really good hair and teeth… just an observation… laughs… not that Gemma is a horsey person, but the story leads nicely into Palomino from the BONES & LONGING album of 2014.

Gemma Hayes enchanting LRB on Saturday 22 April. On drums Adam Marcello and Karen Cowley on Keys and bvs. Thanks to Sorrel Nation and Danni Nicholls for their superb sets. Pic credit Alan the Hat | See FB for more pictures from the evening credited to Andy Sheard.

Next we have a Kate Bush cover Cloudbusting from her 1985 HOUNDS OF LOVE  album. That was a surprise enjoyed by all, not easy songs to cover.

The working title of the next song is Hey Man, it’s new,  un-released about a relationship that’s drifting apart. Gemma had to reassure her husband that it’s not about them… laughs, just an idea.

Karen plays some ukulele on this song rather than keys.

Gemma now sings accapella Robert Burns Ae Fond Kiss to deliver another Pin Drop moment at LRB, showing just what a talent she has, before the alleged last song, To Be Your Honey from BONES & LONGING .

We couldn’t leave it there, we wanted more, so Gemma ups the tempo after thanking the LRB team and Q on sound. You can’t find a singer songwriter who plays happy songs she tells us, Gemma’s attempt is Happy Sad from the 2005 album THE ROADS DON’T LOVE YOU. A big finish to a wonderful evening…

But after a comfort break, Gemma came back, the audience stayed and were rewarded handsomely.

Gemma telling us this was only their 2nd gig as a trio so she will play something solo, At Constant Speed from 2008 album THE HOLLOW OF MORNING

“Thats all I’ve got” she calls out to vibrant applause, but that was beautiful, thank you Gemma Hayes.


Picture credit | Andy Sheard



Thanks to GEMMA HAYES , DANNI NICHOLLS, SORREL NATION  for a brilliant evening …. Thanks to the outstanding players Karen Cowley, Adam Marcello, Sam Anderson

Thanks to everyone involved with the production:   Q sound engineer; The fabulous little rabbit crew of Chris on video cameras and setup, Stan on setup and artist merchandise, Stan and Dave on guest list, Brian running Little Rabbit Bar and big thanks to Chris for helping Lyn with food.

Review: Chris
Photography: Andy Sheard, ATHat
Artist/guest hospitality: Lyn
AV editing & audio mix: J
Artists: Terry
Sound: Q

To all wonderful LRB guests and friends who support live music at LRB,  big thanks for filling LRB full like the good times and hope to see y’all next time

We will be back and ready to welcome REB FOUNTAIN with her band from New Zealand | JASMINE RODGERS | Saturday 13 May 2023.
What a very special treble bill….thank you everyone for filling this evening full.

Best wishes, Keep Safe & See Y’all soon

The LRB team




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