Liv Austen | Kelly Sloan | Dahlia | Amy Westney | Saturday 08 April 2017

The sun shines on the righteous, or so they say. So, righteous or not, it shone on LRB today. 

Not only did the sun shine, the music shone too despite the fact that Balsamo Deighton could not be with us. 

Steve and Rosalie were so very disappointed to miss the last night of their UK tour and we would like to wish Rosalie Deighton a very speedy recovery.

Luckily, Liv Austen with side musician Jon Wright on guitar were able to step into the breach at very short notice, traveling down from London following an afternoon gig.

 Amy Westney also joined us at short notice to perform a short opening set for us where she told of her trips to Nashville and how she is getting ready to record her next album there. Amy has been selected by BBC Introducing as a voice of 2017. She has a BBC show in Harlow on 23 May at the Playhouse where she will perform with her band FOX. She finished with a lovely rendition of her current single Numb.  Thank you Amy.


Editor: Thanks to Terry for finalising last minute changes to the line up. You done well!

 Dahlia were next on stage. This trio made up of Jess Roberts, Abi Phillips and Paris Georgia.



They opened with Jack Daniels which set the tone nicely with audience hand clapping early on followed on by the aptly named Hell on Heels……





What you have here are three powerful singers with lead vocals that ping from one to the other along with terrific harmonies that keep you enthralled and transfixed from the start. I especially enjoyed My Church having heard it during sound check. I knew it was going to be special in the show, and it was. Their set was over all too quickly and I know we will be hearing more from them in the future. A real talent to put on your ‘must see’ list if you missed tonight

Editor: Dahlia are also creating much interest within the industry. In the audience to watch Dahlia were two very high profile music industry persons. Neil Warnock, worldwide president and founder of UTA (United Talent Agency) with about the most impressive and diverse artist rosters that includes, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Meatloaf, Katie Melua, Status Quo…..and many more.  Also Simon Porter, manager of Status Quo. Dahlia did just great under the scrutiny of such high profile musos not to mention the discerning LRB guests! We all wish them much success.

Lyn and her team triumphed again on the food front and as always the raffle provided some alternative entertainments for those lucky winners although there are no losers at LRB as just being in the room is win enough.

Kelly Sloan on her first LRB visit added to the growing number of Canadian artists we have come to know and enjoy. She was accompanied by Curtis Chaffey on Guitar.


Kelly Sloan with Curtis Chaffey. Live video now available on our YouTube channel from acoustic showcase Saturday 08 April 2017. Will you love me tomorrow


They are touring the U.K. and Europe ending up in Italy but Kelly said that we at the LRB have set a high bar for hospitality and hopes all the gigs will be like this one. She lives in hope more than expectation…..

We had plenty of new songs including one about raccoons wrecking your house as they can do in Canada to a song about her love of older ways and things that we have lost over time. This led to some witty banter as a regular called out, if you like older things, you might like me….big laughs here….

That’s the thing with live music, you never know what will happen next, it’s just so much fun.

Kelly was very generously sponsored to do an album of covers by a fan and after considering the idea they decided to go with it but do the songs they really loved for the project released as IMPRESSIONS in 2017. 

Luckily the sponsor was pleased with the result of their choices. So tonight we heard a few songs from the album, Donovan’s hit Colours, Thirteen and the hauntingly beautiful Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

The beautifully shot video for which is below.

With a day off tomorrow they asked for ideas on what to do in London as Curtis has never been. The LRB audience were happy to offer up suggestions for a great day out but this is how you get distracted from the job at hand when amongst friends. On with the Music…….

Kelly has a beautiful voice and I know people in the audience were moved by it. But all too soon we were enjoying the encore for another unforgettable performance. That was again, excellent.

So now, with a quick stage turnaround it’s time for Liv Austen with Jon Wright on guitar.


They opened with Part time sweetheart and then we were treated to a bunch of new songs. As well as songs from her latest EP WHO AM I TODAY.


Liv told of how Hannah Rose Platt was regaling the reputation of LRB for hospitality and a great attentive audience and so was pleased to play here even though it was a last minute gig. “I’m happy to be here but wished the circumstances that led to it had been different.”

She says, “I don’t make life easy writing songs with too many high notes and no room to breathe.” “I had Radio 2 airplay with an unfinished song Train of thought promoting the C2C festival.” Which she played for us tonight.

Also Liv has had a song written for her by Ben Earle from the Shires, and released on Decca Records, it’s called Over. It was great to hear it played live.

Editor: Ben wrote four songs for four artists,  showcasing the talent in UK Country music. The songs were released on the iconic Decca record label. We are thrilled to have hosted all four artists at LRB in the last twelve months: LIV AUSTEN and DAHLIA this evening and previously, DEXETER and MEGAN O’NEILL

Now with Liv also on acoustic guitar we enjoyed The Guts He Always Had from her first EP WORKIN’ MAN’S DREAM and then something more rocky where we were invited to imagine a full band as they played Detour. But a great song is a great song with or without the full band. Wow, we are out of time already but we had to have an encore to round off the evening. That was a stunning night of music that everyone enjoyed. Even the two ladies who flew in from Sweden especially to see Balsamo Deighton. They are real music fans and they had a lovely time anyway despite the unfortunate cancellation.  

Below are two beautifully shot videos from the evening:


Full set list: Part time sweetheart | Same Story | Whole heart | The next time | Enough for me | The guts you always had | Detour | Don’t regret 

The sound tonight was expertly controlled by Simon Allen at a standard we have come to expect from the professional he is.

Special thanks to Amy Westney; Liv Austen and Jon for stepping in at short notice. Their selfless cooperation, and musical talent ensured a full night of great music for everyone to enjoy

Editor: Thanks to the wonderful performing artists for such an enjoyable evening of acoustic music. Everyone involved with the production: Chris, Simon and his assistant Slav, Stan and Fran, Brian and Chris, Helen and Nigel, Dave, Karen.  To our guest big thanks for supporting live music and hope to see everyone for the fabulous Danni Nicholls with her band not to mention the brilliant Carter Sampson with Hannah White opening the evening  (SATURDAY 06 MAY ). Two of Bob’s (Harris) current favs! Best, Jonathan and Lyn, Terry

Photography credit: Andy Sheard

Guest places available for 03 June. Full details on the Gigs page.



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