LRB 27 Feb 2016 | Jess and the Bandits | Honey Ryder | Lisa Wright

Thanks to Chris Kyan for this review

We knew the first gig of 2016 was going to be special, but after the long winter recess it came as a shock just how special live music at the LRB can be.

With a newly spruced up Marquee and some of the sound system upgrades in place the packed house were in for a treat tonight.

Our starter for 10 was Lisa Wright who played a lovely set of songs from her new EP ‘Before I Die’. A signed copy is in my collection now, she was that good. Lisa showed a confidence in her performance that assures there is plenty more to come.

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Next up Honey Ryder, their name inspired by the character played by Swiss model/actress Ursula Andress in the James Bond ‘Dr No’


Lindsay O’Mahony fronts the band on lead vocals and guitar, along with Jason Huxley (Guitar Mandolin), and Matt Bishop (Acoustic and Electric Guitar). She told the story of her children saying they were not interested as she heard BBC Radio 2 play the band’s music for the first time on the car radio. Ahh well, one day they will understand. 

The trio swapped between, acoustic and electric guitars along with mandolin. They paid tribute to the late Terry Wogan and told of how well he treated them on his show, even buying them cake.

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During the song ‘Marley’s Chains’ Lemon shakers were passed to the audience to expand the percussion section. David Booth and Fran providing the audience participation. That was great fun and the set was closed with a beautiful version of ‘Landslide’ especially requested by Jonathan.

Words can’t describe just how good this band were tonight, they should be on your ‘Must See’ list if you missed them.

Sally Langley Pic

Honey Ryder made many new friends and like Sally they wanted to acquire the back catalogue as well as the current album ‘ Born in a Bottle’

It comes as no surprise that the official video for ‘You Can’t Say That’ has received in excess of 2million views on YouTube.

There will be some LRB videos from the evening

Come the interval, again the food was fantastic. A lot of time and hard work goes into this by Lyn and her helpers. A vital ingredient in what makes the LRB so special.

To finish the evening we had Jess and the Bandits playing their second show for us.

The Bandits, we are told, used to back ‘Boyzone’, “Because we were the best band in that price bracket”, they said. Modest indeed, but they met Jess on various tours and something clicked. Jess and the Bandits were formed, a band that goes from strength to strength with their great songs and rock solid performances. Jess just owned the stage tonight and commanded all our attention.

Another tribute to the late great Terry Wogan was paid as Jess told us how much Terry enjoyed their version of Wichita Lineman they played on his show. 

Because of this it was put on the Album.  A deluxe version featuring 4 new songs is soon to be released.

The new songs and old favourites were played tonight including Wichita Lineman plus some great covers to get the crowd singing. A bug startled Jess flying about the stage but it ended up finding a home in one of the guitars, I am sure it enjoyed the music and wanted the close up experience we all get at the LRB. 

If you were in the audience you know that we all had a special night and we hope to see you back again soon. If you missed it, well, come down and see for yourself what the buzz is about. You won’t regret it.

Thanks Chris for this review, captured in the moment following this outstanding evening. Big thanks to you and Karen for all the work you do; Stan and Fran for managing the guest list on the evening, David for the videos and help setting up, Sally and Chris, Richard and Brian for helping on the evening.  David and James, sound engineers for the evening, although JATB tour with their own engineer DB and JP made it all run smoothly with 10 performing musicians. To everyone for supporting live original music at LRB and keeping these amazing and talented artists on the road.
Our next evening is Saturday 19th March.
Jonathan & Lyn, Terry 28/02/16


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