Millers Daughter just announced for Saturday 01 November 2014

MD_Pic2 Millers Daughter

The lineup: Lou Miller (vocals, guitar), Christie Miller (vocals, guitar).

Their background: Millers Daughter are the anti-Haim. Not that they’ve got a vendetta against the LA women, just that they’re the polar opposite in terms of sensibility or aesthetic. Actually, they don’t have an aesthetic. They’re like Haim without the opportunities for rhetoric. You can’t pin any theories on them. Like Haim, they’re sisters – twins, actually – and they love Fleetwood Mac, but the music they make hasn’t been put through an indie filter. Pitchfork won’t touch them, nor will NME. They are the new Corrs, the UK Lady Antebellum, Dixie Chicks minus the politician-bashing. Fully expect them to avoid all the usual laborious hip hype routes and go directly to Radio 2.

Theirs is the sort of music they used to play on Radio 2, before people started to say, startled, “What, they’re playing that on Radio 2?!” Think big, bright and breezy, country-tinged pop songs with crystalline melodies, mountain-air pure harmonies and solid gold choruses that you thought they didn’t make anymore, unless it was by the Pierces. Sadly, for whatever reasons, that Mac-loving sister act failed to take off a couple of years back, but let’s not dwell on that. Because we’ve got a good feeling about Millers Daughter, even though, as we say, they’re like Haim without any of the knotty inconsistencies or push-pull between West Coast soft rock and East Coast R&B. These ladies didn’t grow up listening to TLC, they were into Wilson Phillips and Shania Twain. Shania Twain! But they truly love Lindsey Buckingham, to the point where they studied his idiosyncratic guitar-picking style as kids, even if they never bothered to check whether the Mac were cool that week or not. They don’t have a countercultural bone in their bodies. This may well work in their favour.

There will be some things to tell journalists. They worked every summer at Stonehenge, where they sold ice creams to Jennifer Aniston, Whitney Houston and Nicolas Cage, although with their matching blonde hair and green eyes they got more attention than the celebrities did from tourists. Their mum was in a band called Hot Water who sang jingles for a living. Oh, and they’re “mirror twins” who were, they say, “milliseconds away” from being conjoined, hence their psychic connection. It might also explain the fact that one of them has seen a UFO and describes herself as “an indigo child”, whatever that means. But mainly, it’s about the music, so don’t bother looking for them in the press, but do stay tuned to the nation’s most-listened-to station.

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