Review – Anne McCue live at LRB 11th July 2015

Big thanks to Chris Kyan for the review and pictures:

What can be said about Anne McCue? When you are in the presents of greatness you kind of know it and with Anne McCue you really are with someone special.

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LRB have been working on this for a few years and now I know why.

We first saw Anne supporting Ward Thomas as a warm up gig having been out of the U.K. For 11 years. From there she did two shows at The Maverick Festival then popping over to Ireland for a gig and back to play in London, finding time to rehearse a band for the LRB as well. The recent underground strikes didn’t make this any easier.

Tonight the evening started with The Skylight Crowd featuring Amy Westney, Keith Porter, Jim Cross and Jamie Cook, playing a fine set of Americana mixing their own fresh material with a couple of covers by the likes of Striking Matches.

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They didn’t have any music for sale as they are working on it, but I have my name on the mailing list as they are a band to watch.

Next Anne McCue did a solo set, an aperitif, for the main meal to come.

People were buzzing with anticipation as we enjoyed our actual meal in the beautiful gardens on a idyllic summer evening. To cap it all, tonight I did win the raffle, perfect.

It was good to meet up with Sam Millar from the Uk Americana Bar who was doing an interview feature with Anne.

Anne McCue with her ‘London Band’ were astonishing. Great songs played brilliantly with plenty of audience participation, especially during ‘Little White Cat’ from her new album ‘Blue Sky Thinking’.

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This album, by her own admission, has a more jazzy positive feel and perhaps marks a change in musical direction. But earlier material wasn’t ignored with plenty of music from ‘Koala Hotel’ and ‘Roll’. Another friend of the LRB, ‘Janet Robin’ co wrote ‘Driving Down Alvarado’ a real driving rocker that just grips you. Such a great song and perfect opener, setting the mode from the start, another highlight among so many.”

For an encore Anne played  a song on Karen’s Ukulele singing beautifully to bring us all gently down to earth again.

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That was a magic night at the LRB, one that will last long in the memory of everyone fortunate enough to be in the audience.

Keep an eye on the Little Rabbit Barn You Tube page as I have a feeling some fine performances may appear there very soon.

Should you get the chance to see Anne McCue in concert, book early as I have a feeling tickets won’t hang around long once the word is out that she is back and at the top of her game, and if you haven’t noticed by now, the word is out.

Anne says ‘I’ll be back’ ….March 2016.


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