Well, we made it back after 18 months.

Our last show was 07 March 2020 so this was only with our second show since October 2019.

The legacy of the lockdowns is a reduction in seating capacity by a third. Not because there was a legal requirement but because we are an intimate music space and we wanted to maximise the comfort and safety of all guests and performers.

It was a real pleasure to welcome everyone who could make it back to the Little Rabbit Barn for an eagerly anticipated and twice rescheduled show with The Wandering Hearts who were joined on tour by Roseanne Reid, Bobby Bazini.

Originally booked to go ahead in April 2020, TWH were finally able to launch their tour, billed as Intimate and In Harmony.

During the lockdown the LRB team have not been idle with additions to the light system installed and debuted, along with a big tidy and mega clean.

Roseanne Reid opened the show with a gentle set charming us all. Eyes closed, feeling her way through her beautifully played thoughtful songs, (One of which, Sweet  Annie, originally a duet with Steve Earle). Between songs Roseanne told her tales of the songs, how and where they were written with an infectious smile. Her joy at performing live once again was clear to see and she appreciated a listening and attentive audience, all but guaranted at LRB. The applause said it all, as the quality on show reminded once more of the sheer joy of live music…

Next up was Bobby Bazini with Odessa Page who had both walked to the LRB all the way from the train station. We were horrified as we will always make every effort to ensure artists arrive in good order, but they said they appreciated the walk after so long in quarantine. What a great attitude and one that boded well for the evening as Bobby related the tale to us all mid show.

None of this hindered the performance as from the opening number we could see people in awe of Bobby’s vocal talent and style with Odessa supplying just the right tone with her backing vocals. This was Bobby’s first tour of the UK, coming from Quebec Canada, the sheer joy at playing live once again was palpable.

Bobby had borrowed the LRB emergency guitar strap for his set and was concerned that we could hear the creaking noise it made… Nope, we couldn’t hear this and besides as the show advanced people were blown away by his voice reminiscent of Paulo Nutini but certainly not copying him.

Bobby and Odessa are another act that personifies just what the LRB are all about, independent, quality, original live music. Catch them on tour and you will not be disappointed.

As part of  the LRB team planning to minimise pinch points we did not hold the traditional raffle and a main course was served up during the interval, as always, superb. Lyn and her team go to so much trouble to get this right and it’s much appreciated. It is all part of making an evening at the LRB so special… so good to be back…

It is the opening night and The Wandering Hearts launch their much anticipated In Harmony Tour in style…

Uptempo from the start with powerful harmonies that make this trio so special.

It was a home town show for Tara, who lives locally, so everyone was thrilled they chose to launch their tour at Little Rabbit Barn.

They played songs old and new & again you could tell the sheer joy of playing live to a listening audience who will always join in when prompted.

Two guitars, a mandolin, occasional double bass and a tambourine is all it takes with vocal harmonies this good.

The show finished with a standing ovation followed by a two song encore to cap off another special night at the LRB.


Editor: We were relieved to get LRB 2021 underway and this show out of the way.

Thanks to The Wandering Hearts, Bobby Bazini and Roseanne Reid.

Thanks to everyone involved with the production:   Tom Fairbairn sound engineer for opening artists | Lighting; The fabulous little rabbit team of Chris on video cameras and setup, Stan on setup and artist merchandise, Dave and Stan on guest list, Richard and Sally, Brian and Chris running Little Rabbit Bar and helping Lyn with food

Big thanks to Tom who stayed over and set up the new lighting software. Tom was able to operate the lighting on the evening as TWH had their own sound engineer and mixing desk

Review, Video & Picture credits: Chris

Photographs: Andy Sheard | W21 Music

To all wonderful LRB guests and friends who support live music at LRB,  big thanks and hope to see y’all next time

A special mention of gratitude for the support and understanding of Hannah White due to play the next LRB show on 18 September but which we regrettably postponed.

Little Rabbit Barn is a labour of love, run by enthusiasts passionate about original live music. The audience are invited guests to the evening and make a donation which although suggested is voluntary and goes to cover the artist. It is basically the ‘house concert’ model. Artists too are house guests as they have been invited to play.

We are always very humbled and flattered by artist comments of appreciation made from the stage during a live show and a couple of the many that have stayed with us and come to mind. Alan West said ‘that we give so much’ because he and Steve Black appreciatated the sheer amount of effort, organisation and time given by everyone involved with LRB. Tony Moore, tour managing and playing in the band with ILONA said that ‘even the artists have to wait to be invited to play LRB’

We will be back and ready to welcome a popular return for SEAN TAYLOR and a first visit for KELLY BAYFIELD with and always welcome DAVID BOOTH.

Best wishes

The LRB team


Do keep a check on LRB website for videos and updates on 2021 and 2022.

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