ANNIE KEATING BAND | ABI MOORE | Saturday 02 September 2023

Abi returned to LRB to open the evening, nine years after her last visit. She has a new album, NO MORE CHASING, a new look all in red, and a new musical direction, more blues rock than before. Abi tells us that she always likes to move on musically and find new sounds and inspiration. 

Tonight she is joined by Ed Male on electric guitar as they open with lost and Found, track 7 from the new record. 

Don’t You Worry About Me follows with Abi on her Egg Shaker and some sparse bluesy riffs from Ed on his gorgeous looking and sounding Gibson. 

At the start of a ‘two sad songs in a row’ section, Unhappy Again is the next tune. One, Abi tells us, that started the new album project, it was inspired by a broken relationship and the need to move on, a theme we can all relate to one way or another. Apologies and Promises is a still raw song for Abi, her goal tonight was to finish without tears. 

Abi, now with acoustic guitar performs a cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic You Can Go Your Own Way featuring a nice solo from Ed…

If You Ever Need Me At All is a rare happy song from Abi, also on the latest album, track 8. Some nice BV’s from Ed here, he didn’t want to do BV’s but Abi persuaded him as he is really good at it.

Abi tells us the story of making the new album and how she met Ed before playing a couple of songs from her 2013 Album AMOEBA & STONE. 

Nickajack Cave, a song written about an event in the life of Johnny Cash, was followed by the title track, a song about her life as a working musician and her personal journey and struggles. 

Now we enjoy a nice bluesy intro to Grey Suit, track 5 from the latest album, before Abi invites us all to sing along, after harmony instructions, to another cover, this time it’s Black Horse And A Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall from her 2006 Album EYE TO THE TELESCOPE. If you come to the LRB, you are in the band, that never changes… all you have to do is join in as we always do…

Are You Listening is a song that closes Abi’s latest album with more harmony BVs from Ed and leads us into the closing song of this set, Living Underground the opening song from the latest album. 

Abi invited some spirited clapping along from the audience which carried through the song nicely… 

That was a lovely set, well appreciated by everyone in the room and the perfect aperitif for what was to come, after the food break, from the Annie Keating UK band. 

Thank you so much, Abi Moore, welcome back. 

We were taken by surprise in that tonight (after midnight) was the celebration of Jonathan and Lyn’s 40th wedding anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than hosting some amazing live music… 

Editor: Some calendar clashes are very timely!

Annie and her UK Band, Joe Coombs Guitar, Scott Warman Bass, Jamie Dawson Drums, took to the stage to the strains of I shall be release from The Band as they readied themselves to release the fury that is Storm Warning from Annie’s 2013 FOR KEEPS album. 

This set the tone for what was going to be a lively evening… Annie introduces the band and compliments the LRB by affirming us to be a favourite venue with artists before playing another old favourite Belmont from the album of the same name. (2008) 

The band are on top form already as they next play a dedication to Lyn and Terry… another rocker, On The Road By 10, again from The BELMONT album… That’s the life of a touring band, late nights and on the road by 10… Sing about what you know is the old adage… 

Joe Coombs has a new guitar (Goldie) and he is determined to show us how great it is in a way only he can, as he intersperses the chunky riffs with some beautiful slide playing against the solid backbeat of Jamie and Scott… The cheers and applause says it all, as Annie expresses her gratitude to the band for their friendship, skill and all round ‘fun to be with’ nature. 

For The Taking  is next, a heartfelt song about making every moment count, This time won’t come again, this time is for the taking… BELMONT is such a great album…

Annie reminds us that it’s 10 years almost to the day that she first played LRB before performing  Kindred Spirit from her 2021 Album BRISTOL COUNTY TIDES to more great applause. 

Can we get this party started” calls out Annie before launching into her song Lovesick Blues. 

She had a lot of fun writing some creative rhyme lyrics here, but then music should be fun and this certainly is… 

It’s getting hot on stage as towels are passed up and Annie shares stories from the road whilst the band take a tuning breather prior to performing Water Tower View from 2011. Then from the new Album HARD FROST we enjoy Looking For Trouble. 

That was a gentle interlude before we enjoy Marigold. A tale of fire and love that in the UK translates to a dishwashing glove… Laughs… Scott forgot to provide the props though… laughs… Wow, such a great toe tapping singalong song from The BRISTOL COUNTY TIDES.

Coney Island is next up, another old favourite capturing the classic Annie Keating sound, from 2015 MAKE BELIEVING album, before we up the tempo again with Hank’s Saloon. Followed byThird Street, the story of a cast of characters, including Dwain that Annie met during lockdown… Both these songs are From BRISTOL COUNTY TIDES album.

So now we are treated to a new song Witness, never played live before as Annie give us The Gift Of Newness… Laughs…. She wrote this at Scott’s House in Brighton as she reflected on sharing pictures with the different witnesses in your life or as Joe said, “Cultivating The Garden Of Love”…

Moments like this make it so worthwhile coming to the gigs, never mind the great music and interactions we all experience in the company of such fine musicians. 

Ok. We are coming to the end of the show, the Annie Keating UK band are, to put it mildly On The Loose as Jamie’s infectious drumming draws the audience into clapping along to a song that would really raise the roof as it builds to its rocking climax. 

Joe really lets Goldie loose on this one with some great hip shaking riffing and beautiful soloing as he steps into the spotlight owning the stage… Annie finds a tambourine to add to the mix and then more rhythm guitar as the foundations of LRB shake to the groove…

The band take a bow to great applause, but it doesn’t end here as Annie commends Abi Moore for her great first set before bringing the tempo right down with the beautiful encore It Already Hurts When You Leave, again From BELMONT. 

That was the perfect way to close another great night at LRB as Annie invites Abi and Ed to the stage for a un rehearsed version of the John Prine Classic Angel From Montgomery. 

The whole performance really deserved the standing ovation it received to end a magical anniversary evening… Thank you Annie Keating and your wonderful UK band… 


Thanks to ANNIE KEATING BAND | ABI MOORE | for a fabulous evening. The dream band of Scott Warman double bass and electric bass, Joe Coombs guitars, Jamie Dawson drums. Ed Male guitar and vocals with ABI MOORE

Thanks to everyone involved with the production:   Simon Allen sound engineer and Geoff lighting tech; The fabulous little rabbit crew of Chris on video cameras and setup, Stan on setup and artist merchandise, Stan and Dave on guest list, Brian running Little Rabbit Bar and big thanks to Chris for helping Lyn with food.

Thank you again to Geoff Lee for his expertise in setting up and programming all our lighting fixtures and the work he put in on the lead up to this show. The photos, video and audience experience are further improved.

Review: Chris
Photography: Andy Sheard
Artist/guest hospitality: Lyn
Artist Merchandise: Stan
AV editing & audio mix: J
Artists: Terry
Sound: Simon Allen

To all wonderful LRB guests and friends who support live music at LRB,  big thanks for filling LRB full like the good times and hope to see y’all next time. Big thanks to all the new guests and all your lovely comments.

We will be ready to welcome the amazing ROBERT VINCENT and KATIE SPENCER, on Saturday 07 October 2023 for our Year End show.

Another great evening….thank you everyone for filling this evening full.

Best wishes, Keep Safe & See Y’all soon

The LRB team


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