Balsamo Deighton confirmed – Saturday 08th August 2015

bals deigh beach long final

Steve Balsamo and Rosalie Deighton met over 10 years ago at Grammy award winning producer Martin Terefe‘s London recording studio where he was working on their respective major label debut albums. Bonding over a love of 70’s singer/songwriters, country music and cake, they vowed one day to record together as they felt their voices would blend and give what Emmylou Harris calls ‘the rub’.

Several times around the world in various musical guises and their’s paths crossed again when Rosalie supported Steve’s highly regarded country rock band The Storys.  Having returned from touring with the likes of Elton John, Santana, Celine Dion and Joe Cocker, The Storys asked Rosalie to join and help write and record for their 3rd album, ‘Luck‘.

When The Storys decided to call it a day, Steve and Rosalie took it as a sign that the time was right to make some music together. They called on friend and ace songwriter Julian Wilson of Grand Drive, and slowly and quietly kicked some ideas around at his South London studio. These initial sessions were inspiring, fun and very rewarding and all three realised that indeed they had found ‘the rub’.

Recording began in earnest with producer and songwriter John Reynolds, who has worked with Sinead O’Connor, The Indigo Girls and U2, tracking the first song ideas at his North London studio. Influenced by everyone from Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, Crowded House, Steve Earle, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams, Bryan Adams and Douglas Adams, Balsamo Deighton’s songs pretty much nod and wink from them all. The duo have released a couple of cover songs to whet peoples’ appetites; ‘Sky Blue and Black’ by Jackson Browne, and Shawn Colvin’s ‘I Don’t Know Why’ for which they have made a remarkable, hair raising/removing video.

Balsamo Deighton are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album with producers Tim Hamill and Ben Robbins and are looking forward to sharing the fruits of their labour both on record and on the road very soon.

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