Gig Review_Saturday 28th March 2015

Thanks to our friend Chris Kyan for the excellent pictures and gig review.
More pictures posted by Chris on our Facebook page.

Tonight at the LRB was a sensation. The evening began with a young Kaity Rae playing three songs from her new ‘Spark’ EP.  Kaity Rae
Kaity Rae1
At 17 she has a very bright future ahead of her. She was accompanied by an equally young chap on percussion who was impressed that I was the first person to ask for his autograph as well, but somebody had to. The trouble is, I can’t read it so for now he remains anonymous. This leads us on to Angel Snow (what a great name for a ‘Bond Villan’).
Angel snow 2
Angel Snow
Having written three songs for Alison Krauss and with Victor Krauss playing and producing for her, you can tell we are in the right room for some sensational moving music.

We were not disappointed, she really sung like an Angel tonight. We also had our ‘Dylan Moment’ when Angel Snow went Electric for the first time in public.
I must mention the sound in the room here, it was the best I have ever heard anywhere. Jonathan and James have that room dialled in perfectly. MQA or not, you just cannot beat close up live music IMHO. After the amazing food break it was the turn of Dayna Kurtz to play with her guitarist Robert Mache.

If you have never experienced Dayna close up, you need to. Just playing the CD or stream will not do. I like the stream from tidal, it’s great, but nothing prepared me for a close encounter with this duo. It’s like thinking Bose is Hi Fi and not knowing about DSP 8000SE’s exist.

Dayna Kurtz
She played mainly from her ‘Rise and Fall’ CD and got the LRB crowd singing like a choir.  They cast a spell over those of us lucky enough to be there, the like of which you will rarely, if ever experience.  It was roberts birthday and so we all spontaneously sung Happy Birthday at the start of the set which set the tone for a special night indeed. At the end, Lyn came up with a cup cake and a candle to celebrate. He was moved by this.
As usual it’s great to chat to the artists after the show and get CD’s etc, signed. The LRB is a very special place and this was a very special night that I wouldn’t swap for anything.

Music Trivia, Robert told me that this guitar was bought in 1984 for $150.00 from somone who played in ‘The Captain and Tennille’, remember them? Not very rock ‘n’ roll, but look and listen to it now.

Dayna Kurtz 1 Dayna Kurtz 3 Dayna Kurtz 4

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