Eve Selis band show| Amanda Pearcy | Live at LRB 09 July 2016

Missing out on an Eve Selis gig was my first introduction to the Little Rabbit Barn back in 2013, so if you missed this one I know how you feel. I’ve not missed an LRB music evening since!

The guest list filled up in record time,  attracting guests from as far away as Switzerland, such is the demand and reputation of Eve Selis and her band.

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Eve Selis has always been an LRB favourite first playing here back in 2008, this being her 7th visit. The last UK visit and LRB was in 2014 as Berkley Hart Selis Twang with Marc Intravaia (Twang), Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart. It was on Saturday 25th July 2015 , this was the evening that the the fabulous live album BHST LIVE AT LITTLE RABBIT BARN was recorded and filmed.  The album was recorded on the evening by David Booth and subsequently mixed by Jay Stapley. It is signed and authenticated by all four artists and released as a limited edition with a live DVD.

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Tonight she is joined by her regular US band playing  songs from her new album SEE ME WITH YOUR HEART. Supported by Amanda Pearcy with Mark Gill on electric guitar.

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 This is Amanda’s second visit and it’s great to see and hear her again with her new Album ‘An Offering’. Talking with Mark Gill before the gig he was nervous, such is the reputation of the Little Rabbit Barn, but he needn’t have been. 

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Amanda Pearcy with UK guitar ace Mark Gill Mark  kicked off the evening with style, with some great songs, stories and guitar playing. They have been touring the UK for near on three weeks now and have honed their set very well indeed. They say you learn something every day and today we learned some of the geography of the USA as Amanda talked us through her travels and experiences and how they shaped and influenced her music, a lot of which is very personal especially when she spoke about her brother who suffers Cerebral Palsy.


Amanda is the real deal, headlining an LRB evening back in 2013; she is an Artist you need to catch up with if you possibly can.  Enough said! Thank you Amanda and Mark, we loved it. Now it’s break time, time for an underwear adjustment period, a time to eat, a time to talk amongst friends old and new. Lyn and her team prepared and served a fine offering (see what I did there? It all ties together) and the raffle was drawn. During this time the stage was re set for The Eve Selis Band.


What is there to say about this band? Eve has her first new CD (See Me With Your Heart) in 5 years and she came to play it for us, along with the older favourite’s that everybody wants to hear as well. The band have some of California’s finest musicians with long time musical partner of 25 years, Marc Twang on guitar, Rick Nash on bass and Larry Grano on drums. They rock, and do more than back the world class vocals of Eve Selis, they entertain and hold you in awe, they are an experience you just don’t want to miss. Again Eve talked us through the songs encouraging audience participation. The banter flowed, especially from the rhythm section.  Words just can’t convey the visceral nature of an Eve Selis gig, you have to be there. Come the end we demanded an encore and Jonathan suggested that perhaps Eve had something up her sleeve, and she did. A very personal song The man he never was which was clearly very difficult for Eve to sing. An emotional climax to a very special evening. Wow!

Editor: Chris, thanks for capturing the moment with your words and excellent pictures from the evening. The video footage will be posted as soon as we have edited and mixed it. Thanks to David Filce on the other video camera.

I must just quote some of the powerful words from Alan Cackett’s review of Eve Selis that is available on his website or through our Facebook link on the homepage. Thanks Alan for bringing Eve and Marc to the UK back in 2003. They have given so much pleasure. Now it’s time that a wider audience discover what they have missed.

“Eve Selis wields a unique hybrid of organic rhythms, heartfelt lyrics and vocal-harmony-laden songs mixed with her aptitude for audacious, and bold fearlessness. This is music that moves you, be it the up-tempo positive songs that urge you to get up and dance or the softer ballads that offer thoughtful reflection. The Man He Never Was is possibly the most emotional and personal song that Eve has ever sung. This is the kind of album that could only come from a truly independent artist; an artist that follows her heart and makes music strictly on her own terms”

Finally a big thanks to all the guests who support live music.

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