KATEY BROOKS | DAISY CHUTE | Saturday 22nd September 2018

The autumnal weather could not stop us setting up LRB for tonight’s show, although it did its best to make things difficult. However, the LRB crew are tougher than they look… Honest… and so we welcome, for the first time, Daisy Chute with Cerian Holland and Meg Ella to open tonight’s show. 

Daisy is about to go to Nashville to record and has recently won the Coffee Music Project award. https://www.coffeemusicproject.com/  So it was great to see her perform at LRB with so many new projects on the boil. 

Troubadour Boy, a new single. Lion eyes a new video and London’s on Fire a song for the new Coffee Music Project. These three lovely songs opened the set to much appreciation from us all. 

Meg Ella puts the Cello down now and seats herself at the ‘house piano’ to play a couple of solo tunes with some gentle backing harmonies from Daisy and Cerian. Air and Runaway, we are asked to imagine a full choir version of this last song as that is their final vision for it. 

Again the applause showed how much we all enjoyed this.

Daisy tells us of her all female collective they are launching soon, to be called HEARD. The idea is to mutually support women in music and to share in each other’s songs. 

This leads us to a new song from Cerian, Wasteland. It’s about the space between where you are and where you wish to be, she tells us. 

Another first for the LRB was Cerian’s Harp, so beautifully played.

Ae Fond Kiss followed, written by Robert Burns in 1791, “a world premier,” Laughs… 

Some beautiful interactions between acoustic guitar and cello were enjoyed while Daisy’s gentle voice had the LRB audience spellbound. 

A formula that was to continue with Cerian now on guitar and singing Seasons inspired by lines from Alice In Wonderland. Lewis Carol.

Now it’s time for the banjo that was in tune when Daisy bought it… laughs… 

Puddletown is a place where the writer Thomas Hardy once lived. His book Far From the Madding Crowd has characters based on people who lived here. One of those was a cobbler who lost his daughter to scarlet fever. This song was written by Daisy with Tim Baxter about the shoes the cobbler made for his daughter that never left Puddletown. 

Terry requested the next song from Cerian who offered thanks to Daisy for her support and tells us about Let’s Sing. A song written with the transcendence of music for people with dementia in mind. Something that I know is close to so many peoples hearts. 

For the last couple of numbers the harp is re-tuned, “Just the main notes or I’ll be here all night, the harp doesn’t like this weather, any weather really” Cerian tells us… More laughs…

So this is a cover of a Tracy Chapman original, Talkin’ Bout a Revolution.” A fine arrangement for harp, cello and banjo and a song that perfectly reflects the spirit behind their HEARD project.

The LRB wall of fame clearly made an impact on Daisy, Meg and Cerian (as did the bunnies), and now they embark on the final song, Give Thanks. 

The LRB audience were more than happy to return the sentiment for that fine performance and give thanks they surely did. 

The inclement weather only served to make the food break more welcome as we re-set the stage for the LRB raffle and our final artist tonight; Katey Brooks. 

Katey was joined on stage by Ash Redford on guitars, cajon and stomp box as she took on a multi instrument roll.

Oh Lord My Trouble’s So Hard opened the show followed by I Fought Lovers and then State Of Mine, Katey on acoustic guitar with Ash playing haunting ethereal effects on his Fender Telecaster. 

After introductions we have a song written about Perth whilst on tour in Australia that signified a change of musical direction for Katey. Never Gonna Let Her Go, Ash focusing on percussion here. 

Burn It Down followed. An angry song written on the same Australian tour.

How are you?” Katey asks us all… “Well fed” I replied… “Oh wow yes, how about a round of applause for the food?” Katey clearly enjoyed that and was also impressed by the green room even though it’s not green… More laughs…

Not having the band tonight Katey has her bass and ukulele as well as Ash. “I don’t normally play all of these live, but I promise to play them well.” She says. Laughs…

In Light Of You was next and then Katey gets out the bass guitar ‘Sonia’ or ‘Batman’, as Ash calls it. 

A Moment In Time has Ash on acoustic guitar and backing vocals. 

Capo first fret and we enjoy a song written with Johnny Ashby about the folly of mutually doomed long distance loves… The Other Side. More ethereal effects from Ash here. ‘How does it feel when your stuck in the dirt life dragging at your heels?’ A great lyric from a great song. 

Now its audience participation time as Katey comes to sit in the midst of the audience ukulele in hand singing a song she wrote in Canada whilst feeling nostalgic despite having a really good time. 

Katey tells us that her manager didn’t think this song fitted her vibe so she played it unplugged as that meant it didn’t really count. Her manager then heard it at a show unplugged and ask her why she didn’t record it… “Well you told me not to”… Was the reply… Laughs… “You can’t win sometimes.” 

Sweetest Little Thing is about a lost love. ‘Sometimes the sweetest things are meant to pass you by’. Another great lyric. 

Someone shared the wine they had the fortune to win in the raffle tonight with Katey, and so she had the idea to get us all singing. “This could go badly wrong” she said. “Not for you, for me” Laughs…

So we were coached in two halves. One half sings ‘Love, Love, Love.’ The other half sing ‘I went to the bottom and what did I see.’  Save My Heart is the title, a song with an upbeat Caribbean vibe… Katey was really enjoying this moment, the LRB in full voice, unplugged and clapping. Who knew we could all sound so good?

Back on Stage now for another atmospheric song Lost Soul, with some nice guitar from Ash. Then Deepest Love, a song about appreciating the people you love and enjoying the precious moments as they arrive. 

Back to the bass guitar for a cover to finish the set. “Finishing a Set with a cover is not something I normally do” she says. So after some thank yous and appreciation of Daisy Meg and Cerian with their artistic and make up skills, we get to enjoy a lovely version of Bob Dylan’s I shall Be Released. 

More More More” came the cry from the crowd as J managed to squeeze in a few quick thank yous. 

Back on stage Ash admitted to having taken Codeine for the first time due to having injured his back on tour in Switzerland. So he jokingly offered yoga classes after the show. He had been doing stretches all afternoon but now, with the Codeine, he seemed a little high. Laughs… 

So we enjoyed Going Home, a new song from a forthcoming album and the perfect closer as the LRB audience clapped along, nicely in time too, joyously singing the last line as one. 

Thank you Katey Brooks and Ash Redford. 

Editor: Thanks to the wonderful performing artists, KATEY BROOKS and DAISY CHUTE, and a big shout to the superb side musicians, Ash Redford, guitar, cahon and stomp with Katey Brooks and the Heard, featuring Meg Ella and Cerian Holland. Everyone involved with the production:   Thomas Fairbairn engineer; The fabulous little rabbit team of Chris Kyan on video cameras and setup, Stan and Fran guest list and artist merchandise, Richard and Brian running Little Rabbit Bar, Sally and Chris raffle, Helen, Nigel, Karen.
Big shout to Chris for helping Lyn with food on the evening.

Picture credits: Andy Sheard, Nick Rabett
Video cameras: Chris Kyan

To our guests,  big thanks for supporting live music and hope to see y’all next time for our End of Year Showdown.
Saturday 27 October we have an all star line up and are thrilled to welcome back the fabulous Elles Bailey with her superb band plus very special guests Jackie Bristow with Mark Punch and Tamara Stewart. 

Jonathan and Lyn, Terry and all at LRB

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