KATY HURT | BELLE ROSCOE | WE ARE ALL FOSSILS | Saturday 26th August 2017

Tonight ‘We Are All Fossils’ opened with local based singer-songwriter Jakob Deist playing a short 30 minutes solo set. This is Jacob’s third appearance at LRB, twice before supporting the wonderful Red Sky July.


WAAF played new previously unreleased material. With a rich and gently reverberating voice and accomplished guitar playing reminiscent of Ben Glover who headlined LRB in March this year. Seems like a long time ago now.

He tells the audience WAAF are at the ‘back end’ of finishing a new album so this was a great opportunity to road test the new songs solo.

Also a confession to being a shy person…not that you would tell…and pleased a gig at my nephew’s wedding led to tonight’s appearance.

For the final song we had a choice of something upbeat or a slower? Everyone chose upbeat and it was a fine way to finish.


Look out for more from ‘We Are All Fossils’ in the future, I know I will.

Again, thanks to Simon Allen for the big sound.

Following a quick stage reset there was a return for Belle Roscoe from Melbourne Australia, although now they are acclimatising to living full time in the UK.

Brother and sister duo Mathew and Julia Gurry with Jeremy Badcock on electric guitar and BVs. Opening with Gun To My Head from their fine BOOM BOOM album.


After last year they had a score to settle as Julia lost her voice for the first time ever whilst on stage. “That was our best show according to the reviews” quips Matty to great laughs and a look from Julia.

Next up Side Stepping track two on BOOM BOOM (a signed copy of which is in my collection).

Belle Roscoe usually play as a five-piece band and they have a video of Known Better, the next song, online, filmed and recorded by Yamaha as they have been endorsed by Yamaha guitars.

Matty admitted that we are not missing that big line up so much at LRB as the sound here is so good. Flattery indeed….. Track seven on BOOM BOOM Check out the link and listen for yourselves.
Known Better Live at Yamaha HQ


If you have missed Belle Roscoe, (Where have you been?) they are a very percussive band in trio line up, with Julia on drum and tambourine to accompany Matty’s stomp box and occasional guitar taps.

Julia’s turn to sing now; Bad Man written, so we are told, after experimenting with French men. “I can tell you now, don’t bother” she advised the girls in the room, to more laughs. On the positive side, they got a great song and a T shirt slogan from her experience.

“Being a musician is the best job in the world we only pretend to be unhappy” quips Matty, referring to all these songs about heartbreak.

Julia is recently single and said, “I would rather pimp myself off than have Matthew do it”. More big laughs….

This next song Heart Crash is a song they are trying to record and have never quite settled on how to really finalise it, so tonight was a chance to try an acoustic version.

I remember it from last year, it’s a great song and I loved it tonight!

Last year they supported Anne McCue and messed with her by doing her Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young cover of Southern Man. So, to retaliate, she decided not to do it at all.

Tonight though, they did another one, Ohio. “We only do this here” says Matty.  If that’s true, that’s a real honour. (From the 1974 SO FAR Album by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young).

The love hate relationship with overhead beam remains as it does with all taller artists…over 7 ‘ “but it’s somewhere to stash your water bottle as well as smash your head” says Matty.

Next, “Our Woodstock song,” “it’s what we would play if we were taken back there.

A homage to the great acts of the day, written with Janis Joplin in mind”, Sorry.Track eight on BOOM BOOM.

Wow that was lovely with some fine electric guitar solos from Jeremy and Julia in great voice. Jeremy was relentlessly teased about his surname at this point in the show, you had to be there though and another reason not to miss an LRB gig.

(This is the point you scroll back to the top to check)


Let Me Cut In was next. More up-tempo rhythmic loveliness with Julia on tambourine, track 10 on BOOM BOOM.

If you’ve read this far you may take the hint to buy the BOOM BOOM album if you haven’t already done so.

And so, we come to the last number, after a choice again we voted for a big one to finish on.

A song about their family who are from a small country town near Melbourne.

Their uncle Jimmy borrowed money from the wrong people and when things went wrong, the uncles had to run the loan sharks out of town.

The story never made big headlines like they thought it may so they wrote a song about it. Come Back Jimmy for uncle Jim from their 2009 Album. This saw a standing ovation as they promised to return with a full band next time.

“Score settled! Nailed!”… Announced J before Lyn’s legendary food break. A chance for everyone to mingle, chat and flirt with the raffle whilst the stage was re set for Katy Hurt.

Those prizes looked good tonight too. It was great also to see a younger member of the audience have her new Belle Roscoe T Shirt signed by the Matty and Julia as she was wearing it. That shirt is destined never to be washed…

‘Bon Jovi’s anthemic  hooks meets Dolly Parton’s tenderness’ was not overstating the case with the introduction of the Katy Hurt Band as we were to quickly find out.

Unfinished Business with the deceiving a capello opening nearly blew the roof of the barn.


This was a slick performance without a break between the first two songs, driving rhythms, sassy vocals and a great look were the order of the evening. They have studied and mastered the art of stage craft to great effect. The ‘see through’ drum kit Steve Mathews played sounded and looked great on its first outing with the band.

What’s a Girl Gotta do? was next, a catchy little number. “Wow, that was energetic I’m tired out already.” Joked Katy

The next song, Cheap from the PIECES OF ME album, track 7 and another catchy number with a fine guitar solo from Gab Zsapka

The next song started as Fragile  a gentle song, but things change. It’s now called I’d Rather Be (A Bitch). A much stronger song declaring independence, that’s for sure. A meaner newer song that gets your foot tapping.

The next song was Small Town after Katy’s home town Windlesham, and a little more country inspired. It ain’t like the idyllic small towns you hear about in American country music. It’s too small for that. Good song.

Katy got to introduce the band now, Steve on Drums, Ace on Base and Gab on Guitar before they played a gentler sad song, I don’t want to love you. This revealed the softer but still powerful side to Katy’s voice bringing the tempo down. A pin drop moment at the end here.


Katy complains she has too much hair for this heat, “not sure how Gab feels, Steve evens it out”, laughs… It was a hot night with more than the music though…

Time to lift the mood with Growing Up another strong song with a Country feel Katy playing her beautiful white Gretch guitar. (A present from the band, she told me later).

We are encouraged to dance for Old School , not that there is much room for dancing at LRB although it has been done…. Katy this time playing tambourine and shaker.

Laughs from the crowd as the song I Just Wanted A Drink was announced. This had a great slow funky feel Steve’s drums sounded particularly good here.

“Time to slow down again, give the guys a break” Katy tells the band.

Seasons is about when you can’t make up your mind. You vacillate between good and bad decisions. ‘I go round and around and around just like seasons’, is the lyric. This was lovely with just a gentle guitar backing from Gab. Another Pin Drop moment.

Before the ice melts  lifts the tempo again, Katy with her Gretch semi acoustic again.

The applause seemed to start at the back and work forward, very unusual.

Ride Home, track one from PIECES OF ME was next. Another song that builds and builds to finish softly after a storming guitar break, or does it? Such are the twists and turns…

Now for the last number and thanks all around. Unfinished Business. A gentle song to bring us all softly down from what was a spectacular performance full of light and shade.

This band regularly fills much larger venues and festival stages but the roof of LRB just managed to contain them.


All in all, that was a special night of live music only confirmed by some of the lovely feedback received on social media.

Well, we couldn’t leave it there could we? We had to have an encore. Fire, track five from PIECES OF ME.

Katy can really belt this bluesy number out with final flourish from Gab and his guitar and the tight rhythm section of Steve and Ace which completed a brilliant night.

Editor: Thanks to the wonderful performing artists, Katy Hurt, Belle Roscoe, We are all Fossils, and all the musicians/side players Jeremy, Gab, Steve,  and Ace for such a superb evening. Everyone involved with the production: Simon, Cris, and Chris on video production, Stan and Fran, Brian and Chris, Richard and Sally, Helen and Nigel: Karen and Chris helping on the take-down.  To our guests,  big thanks for supporting live music and hope to see everyone for the fabulous KARA GRAINGER with FULL BAND | JESS KLEIN | LENNY | on SATURDAY 30 SEPTEMBER

Special Note: It is a huge privilege to host this quality of artists at LRB and thanks for all the wonderful comments from the artists and guests. It is so flattering to receive their appreciation and support.
Thanks to our wonderful guests for supporting these artists!

Best, Jonathan and Lyn, Terry

Photo credits, video and thanks: Andy Sheard,  Chris Kyan, David Filce

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