Review from Saturday 25th April 2015 featuring Danni Nicholls, Kelley McRae and Matt Castelein with Rhiannon Mair opening the evening

With thanks to Chris Kyan for putting together this review and for posting the excellent pictures on Facebook.

Tonight’s Gig at the Little Rabbit Barn was the next in a very long line of special occasions.  The standard of entertainment is consistently exceptional which is what makes the LRB so unmissable for me. The evening kicked off with Local singer songwriter Rhiannon Mair putting in a very confident performance with audience participation early on.  She has a great stage presence backed up by her fine songs and the ability to perform them convincingly. Look out for her as an emerging artist who is destined to go far.


Rhiannon Mair  Then we had the pleasure of Kelley McRae with Matt Castelein. If ever a duo earned their place on the LRB wall of fame, these two have. They gave a thoroughly entertaining show with great songs performed expertly.  I loved Matt’s Gretsch Resonator guitar and the way he played it. We all just didn’t want them to leave the stage, but all good things must come to an end. I definitely need to see them again and would recommend them as must see act to add to your wish list.


Kelley McRae& Matt Castelein.

The food served by Lyn and her team is legendary among LRB attendee’s and tonight’s chicken curry followed by trifle was no exception. This extra courtesy makes the LRB unique in this world. Such a shame I didn’t win the raffle lol. My night would have been complete….. Now for the headline act. Danni Nicholls with Max Milligan.

This is the fifth time Danni has played the LRB and every time she just gets better. Check out her past clips on You Tube , they are excellent.

Danni & Max Her second Album “Mockingbird Lane” which she recently recorded in Nashville, following a successful pledge campaign, was the source of most of tonight’s material (along with some old favourites from previous releases) and it is an album well worth getting if you like all things Americana. The show was all over just too quickly while we were transfixed (like a little rabbit in the headlights) as Danni and Max worked their magic.  For an Encore they were joined by Kelly McRae and Matt Castelein to deliver an impromptu performance of ‘Wagon Wheel’ hastily put together in ‘Le Cabin’ prior to the show. It’s things like this that make live music just so special. This really is my kind of supergroup.


The encore L to R Matt, Danni, Kelley and Max. If you have never been to the LRB before, it’s difficult to impart to you just how great this venue really is. If you have been, I don’t need to, and will see you there again some time


Rhiannon Mair, Danni Nicholls, Kelley McRae

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