The Redlands Palomino Company | The Rosellys | Saturday 04th June 2016

Tonight was yet another LRB gig where you leave literally giddy with the thrill of it all.

I have to pinch myself, how did I get here, is this real?

Brilliantly talented performers in a beautiful intimate venue where you can meet and greet, the artists who are just as eager to meet you, their audience.

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So tonight, almost a year to the day after their last LRB performance, we experienced a UK Americana special with The Rosellys, who recently appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends program with Clive Anderson, supporting their ‘Clubhouse Records’ stablemates The Redlands Palomino Company. So named after Keith Richards House ‘Redlands’. (Alex is a fan) and Hannah’s passion for Palomino Horses.

It is interesting the trivia you can pick up at LRB. It’s also an unforgettable name for a great band.

The weather came good for us tonight and with the packed house the temperature soared on stage.

First up tonight, making a second appear at LRB, were The Rosellys. They came out rockin’ and from the first chords of Camden Town, we knew this was going to be a great night of music. Rebecca and Simon built a great rapport with the audience telling their stories from the road and song writing influences. The late Eva Cassidy being one of many.

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Simon swapped between guitar and fiddle and paid tribute to a The Redlands Palomino Company for inspiring him to learn the guitar in the first place. These guys can really play too.

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Mid set, Lyn had to bring on water supplies and towels as the heat was taking its toil on the ‘make up’. The boys are so vein………

Hannah from The Redlands came on stage to sing some backing vocals too.

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We heard songs old and new, Asheville 1784 (about a memorial to a soldier killed by the Cherokee) and The Whisky Song (Don’t let the whisky win), inspired by Chris Stapleton’s latest album come to mind, although Rebecca doesn’t like whisky, or so she said?

They could have played all night and no one in the audience would have minded but they deserved a break too. After months on the road playing together it was clear how good a band The Rosellys are; that was a great, really tight set. Thank you.

And so it’s time once again for Lyn and her team to feed the 5000 (well, almost) The weather was kind and the lawn in tip top condition. A perfect summer’s evening to mingle amongst friends and catch up. The stage is re set.

The last raffle number is called which is the cue for more great music.

The Redlands Palomino Company had to admit that it can really ruin your day to have to follow The Rosellys on stage, but we know they are up to the task.

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Hannah’s guitar wasn’t plugged in for the start but she soon noticed and sorted it with a big smile, this relaxed the mood.

More banter followed, the band has been going 16 years and started when Hannah was 21 but don’t do the maths, Alex is an older man although he thinks he doesn’t look it and Rain and Dave have never been young.

What followed was a varied set of material, old and new along with the promise that they are working on a new album.

Rebecca joined the band for some backing vocals and Simon took to the stage to add some fiddle on the last few numbers. Going for the record of the most musicians on the LRB stage. When their set ended we demanded and received an encore, none of us wanted this to end.

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Both bands paid tribute to Simon Allen who balanced the sound so well as always. A lot of work goes in to getting this right and it’s great to see it appreciated.

With great sound musicians have the confidence to play well. I think it really helps to lift their performance, as does an attentive appreciative audience. (That’s a given at LRB)

So that’s another great night of music over already and all we can do is look forward to the next one.

If you have never been to the LRB and love great music, get in touch via our website and say hello. If you have been before, we look forward to welcoming you back again soon.


Editor: Thanks to Chris Kyan for his review of the evening. Chris writes these a 1.00am in the morning after the gig!

A huge thanks to all our friends who help on the evening; Stan and Fran who meet the guests; Richard and Brian who look after refreshments, Sally for running the raffle, Chris who helps Lyn with food service and Sally with the raffle.

Thanks to David for helping set up on Saturday mornings, videoing and more.

Thanks to Chris for the huge help all day on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday too with Karen.

He also takes a great picture and operates one of the video cameras.


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