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    Alyssa and Doug have been performing together since they were teenagers growing up in the New Jersey suburbs, sneaking into New York City to hear their favorite bands play. They burst onto the Americana scene in 2013 with their debut, Riverman’s Daughter, which features songs written while traveling the Mississippi River and the Louisiana swamps in search of inspiration. It spent 11 weeks in the Top 40. 2015’s Glory Bound, was declared “easily one of the best Americana albums of the year” by No Depression

    For Kids Like Us, their current album written on a wild motorcycle ride along Route 66, at the height of the 2016 election season.

    “Everything about Route 66 – the neon signs, the motels, the cars, the souvenirs, even the menus – are stuck in a different time,” Alyssa says. “Of course the music that developed would have moments of fantasy, moments of horror, even some moments of the supernatural.”

    Their work with Richard Swift – and with co-Producer Dan Molad (Lucius, Elizabeth & the Catapult, The Wild Reeds), who later took over the project – was what enabled The Grahams to channel all that chaotic stimulus into something big, lush, ambitious, and profoundly satisfying.

    With the kind of gorgeous, aching melodies only hinted at on their previous records, and the fearless arrangements that Swift and Molad are known for, Kids Like Us might just be one of those instant classics that music lovers used to swoon over in rock and roll’s heyday. It doesn’t hurt to have a killer band comprised of members of Lucius, The Night Sweats and The Raconteurs.

    “We wanted to work with Swift because of his unique sense of modernist preservation. We got so much more. Richard was like magic. He was like nobody we’d ever met before. You instantly wanted to be near him and be part of his world and suck in the mysterious energy and love he put out,” Alyssa says of working with their production Dream Team. “Danny is like a long-lost friend. It was like we’d known him in past lives and yet he surprised us at every moment with his ingenious creativity. Danny’s magic is in his pure curiosity. He was able to utilize our voices together in a way we had never explored in the past and this helped to create a new sound for us.”

    Where The Graham’s first two records were minimalist and sometimes acoustic, Kids Like Us finds the duo exploring a wider range of sounds, as befits a record written on one of America’s longest, most storied roads. The new songs grew out of motel-room whispers and campfire musings as much as from studio experimentation. “Don’t Give Your Heart Away” is twangy pop with a David Lynchian sheen; “Kids Like Us” takes a modernized Antonioni feel in new directions. “Searching The Milky Way” is a 50’s biker flick directed by Quentin Tarantino.

    “We started in Chicago with the blues and Motown,” Doug says, “and we ended in L.A. listening to the Beach Boys. And all of it found its way into the record.”


    WHEN RIVERS MEET | BAND SHOW | Saturday 11 April 2020

    When Rivers Meet are a British husband and wife musical duo composed of Grace Bond (Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin) and Aaron Bond (Vocals, Guitar). Based around masterful vocals and rich harmonies the duo deliver their self-penned material with authenticity and sincerity. 

    When Rivers Meet received acclaim after reaching number three in the UK Independent Music Charts leading to airplay throughout Europe, Australia, America and Canada.

    In 2016 after a chance meeting with Chris West, a Platinum Award Winning Music Producer who had been along to one of their live shows and was impressed by their dynamics and on-stage chemistry, When Rivers Meet travelled to his personal studio in Sardinia, Italy to record their debut album entitled LIBERTY. The studio was set in an idyllic location overlooking a waters meet and a mountain. After two weeks in the studio they returned with virtually a complete album. Eight of the eleven tracks are self-penned, two are highly requested covers they play live and one is a beautiful song called Fingertips by distinguished songwriter Roy Villanis. The album was named after a want to express the freedom 2016 had given them and the arrival of a niece called Liberty. Of the original songs on the album stand out tracks are the heartfelt and superbly delivered You Blinded Me, the up-tempo Postpone and the sultry Americana of the song Greed

    Liberty has received rave reviews from Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones Producer) "..the performances are exemplary, the sound is magnificent, the songs are gorgeous, and I am insanely jealous—this is really wonderful. I love the drama. I love everything."
    Earning critical acclaim from media including Simon Redley of Music Republic Magazine "The chemistry between their voices is palpable".

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