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    FULL | Doors 18:45 | Live 19:00



    KARA GRAINGER full band show Saturday 30 September |Country-rock-blues | Australian songstress| soulful voice and masterful guitarist.

    Her music career began in a small suburban town of Sydney Australia and since then  has taken her on an incredible journey throughout the globe.  Combining tasteful blues and slide guitar, soulful vocals and a heartfelt approach to songwriting,  Kara's  truly unique sound will leave you  uplifted, inspired and always wanting more.

    Here is a taster:


    JESS KLEIN Saturday 30 September | Americana singer songwriter|New album Learning Faith | Mojo 'one of those voices you want to crawl up close to the speaker'


    Over a career that spans more than a decade and a half and has won her a devoted worldwide fan base, Klein—who possesses what Mojo magazine calls “one of those voices you want to crawl up close to the speakers to listen to” and a knack for writing songs that the Cape Cod Times has described as “fully realized, finely observed and deeply felt”—has pursued a remarkable creative evolution that’s seen her dig ever deeper for resonant emotional insights, while continuing to refine her eloquently melodic, effortlessly accessible songcraft.  As the New York Times noted, Klein is an artist who “has country roots, but who pushes her songs toward philosophical thoughts.”

    Learning Faith —which marks Klein’s third collaboration with veteran producer Mark “Professor Feathers” Addison—boasts ten personally-charged new originals that rank with her most compelling and illuminating work.  Such bracing tunes as “Surrender,” “So Fucking Cool,” “Wish,” “Long Way Down” and “If There’s A God” (which she was inspired to write after protesting in support of State Senator Wendy Davis’ pro-choice 2013 filibuster at the Texas state capitol building) embody the complementary mix of personal fearlessness and musical craftsmanship that define Klein’s music.

    “It felt a little different this time,” the artist notes.  “It was the first time that I ever went into a record really feeling that I’d paid my dues, and that now I’m just gonna do and say whatever I want.  I finally feel like I really don’t care what anybody thinks.  That felt huge, and it felt really empowering.  I felt comfortable going as dark as I could, and not feeling like I had to pull back from that.

    “It’s also the first time I’ve started a record with a concept and tried to follow it through,” she explains.  “After I wrote the song ‘Learning Faith,’ that started me thinking about writing a whole album of songs about the process of developing faith—faith in people, faith in the universe, faith in a higher power.

    I wanted each song to be about some kind of struggle with faith, and asking what faith really means to me.” 

    Jess Klein says of her new album Learning Faith.  “It’s edgy and brutal, but it was inspired by a genuine love for this world.”

    “When you’re younger, you don’t totally know who you are yet, and you’re still trying to figure things out.  Now I feel more at ease with who I am and why I do this.  My motivation now for playing music is to connect with people, and to do that by connecting with myself, which is the hardest and scariest part.

    “The reward,” she concludes, “is those moments where all the other bullshit subsides and you have a total, pure connection with the audience, or with just one person.  I feel so blessed to be able to have this connection with people that’s based on something real. That’s what I look for now.”


    LENNY (Lenka Filopova) Saturday 30 September | singer/songwriter/pianist with a unique voice, and is one of the greatest talents to have ever emerged from the Czech Republic.

    lenny 3

    Lenny started playing the piano at the age of four, and aged eleven composed her first song. At the same time she started performing with her mother (famous Czech singer) and accompanied her on piano on tours throughout Europe, Australia, America and Canada.

    In 2013 she signed her first contract with Universal Music and in June 2013 released  first EP ALL MY LOVE which has attracted consistent and widespread critical acclaim as well as a large and growing number of fans. Since this release, Lenny has received multiple nominations and awards; most importantly she was awarded Breakthrough Artist Award at the Czech Grammy “ANDĚL“ awards.

    She has toured through out the Czech republic including appearances at the biggest festivals. Supported Macy Gray during her concert in Prague last year as well as the biggest Czech band Krystof during their sold out arena tour.

    Her 2016 album HEARTS became the best selling album  in the Czech republic and its first single Hell.o the most played song on Czech radio waves.

    Lenny is currently signing a major label agreement with Universal Music, this time in Germany so we are thrilled she can be with us for this one.

    Hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy one of her more recent videos recently posted on our Facebook page.

    The video below is from 2014. You may need to click on the You Tube link if the video doesn't display.



    The Little Rabbit Barn music evenings are private invitation-only gigs.
    Contact us if you'd like to be on the guest list and we will get back to you to confirm.

    There will be complementary food and we are suggesting an artist donation of £15.



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    SEAN TAYLOR TRIO | ELLES BAILEY Full Band Show | ANGEL SNOW special guest from Nashville

    GUEST LIST FULL Doors 18:45 Live 19:00


    Here is a reminder from last year

    END OF YEAR SHOWDOWN at LRB |Saturday 28 October 2017 | TWO OF UK's FINEST BLUES ARTISTS FEATURE IN THIS DOUBLE HEADLINE SHOW w LRB favourite SEAN TAYLOR with guests Emannele Marchetti percussion and Mike Seal double bass AND
    ELLES BAILEY w full band | Special guest appearance ANGEL SNOW from Nashville


    ELLES BAILEY full band EOY show Saturday 28 October | rootsy blues | country soulful rock with contemporary edge | smoky vocals that seeth presence and power. Photo credit Nick Rabett

    We just love this stripped back version from the Elberton Sessions


    Angel has built a repertoire as an in-demand songwriter and acclaimed independent artist. She wrote three songs on GRAMMY® Award winning singer Alison Krauss’s 2011 offering, Paper Airplane, as Nashville’s Music Row crowned her, “Nashville’s next stealth pop weapon.” Her 2012 self-titled debut spawned “These Days,” notched 6 million-plus Spotify streams and earned acclaim from American Songwriter.

    Angel’s desire to expand and evolve her style beyond traditional Americana and folk saw her meet up with producer Lee Groves [Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode] to cut to cut what would become Magnetic. Her hypnotic delivery and cinematic lyrics entwined with Lee’s immersive and airy production, conjuring a spellbinding style.

    During 2016, Angel teased out the album’s release with the powerful plea of “I Need You” and irresistible “Secret.” Online influencer Ingrid Nilsen utilized the latter to soundtrack her “Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out)” YouTube video, which amassed over 16.2 million views. As the song went on to crack 1-million views on Spotify, NETTWERK founder Terry McBride personally reached out to Angel online with a deal.

    Released through the label in May 2017, Magnetic siphons stories of love, life, and loss through a dreamscape of drum palpitations, keyboard eloquence, and stark minimalism. The 2017 single “Photographs” fuses lithe acoustic guitar and a snappy beat before culminating on an undeniable refrain.


    With only a very few places remaining and to be fair to everyone who would like to join us but may not be first to contact us, the final places will be drawn rather than offered first come first serve.

    If you would like one of the few remaining places for our End of Year Showdown on Saturday 28 October please contact us by the usual methods, let us know how many places and your artist donation; suggested donation is from £15.

    We will enter names in a hat, draw places on the next LRB evening and contact everyone.



    The Little Rabbit Barn music evenings are private invitation-only gigs.
    Contact us if you'd like to be on the guest list and we will get back to you to confirm.

    There will be complementary food and we are suggesting an artist donation from £15.


    This is our last show of 2017. While the rabbits hibernate we will be busy booking an exciting series of music evenings for 2018. We can already confirm our first music evening of 2018 will be on Saturday 24th February. Thank you all for your support for independent live music. 


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    LIVE DVD/CD limited edition, available shortly. Recorded and filmed on the final night of their UK tour 2014. Email to reserve copy or see Gigs page


    NOW AVAILABLE TO SHIP! Unique Collector's Edition.

    Each edition is individually hand numbered and personally signed by Eve Selis, Marc Intravaia, Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart.  This Live DVD and audio CD features Berkley Hart Selis Twang recorded live at Little Rabbit Barn on the final night of their 2014 UK Tour on Friday 25th July 2014.

    Both DVD and CD have been professionally mixed and mastered in high quality digital audio using the multi-track recording from their live performance. The sound quality is excellent.

    The DVD features the unedited full length performance, including all the witty banter, shot from four difference cameras with remixed digital audio. “The acoustic guitar duel between Jeff Berkley and Marc Intravaia is simply staggering … looping or effects”…. “ who said acoustic guitars can’t rock”. We have given this intro its own track number so you can put it on repeat!

    The CD is a high quality multi track recording, mixed and digitally mastered with the banter and intros removed. The sound quality is excellent.

    Together these represent a highly desirable memento of one of the best performances we have seen since we started hosting live music at Little Rabbit Barn over 5 year ago. Each edition is independently numbered and authenticated enhancing its appeal and value

    Available at a price of £15 + £1.50 (UK) postage & packing. EU +£3.50 P&P. US +£4.50 P&P. All proceeds less production & associated costs are returned to Eve Selis and go towards their next record. 

    UK Delivery:

    EU Delivery:


    US Delivery: